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Communicative Sciences & Deaf Studies_175: Internship in Interpreting


Title Author
ASL mentor. Improving receptive skills through ASL story-telling, Part one.
ASL mentor: improving receptive skills through ASL story-telling. Part two.
ASL/PSE grammatical comparison 2001
Finger spelling : expressive & receptive fluency
Idioms. Part 1 & 2
Idioms. Part 3 & 4
Interpreting tidbits, fingerspelling: receptive practice
NAD-RID national interpreter certification interview & performance practice DVD
Native fingerspelling
One-to-one interview: Interpreting (7C)
One-to-one interview: Translitering (7D)
Progressive fingerspelling
Pursuit of ASL : interesting facts using classifiers
Pursuit of ASL : interesting facts using numbers
Idioms! Do you see what I'm saying?
Fingerspelling, v.1: Adult signers
Voice-to-sign: Interpreting (INT-LF)
Voice-to-sign: Transliterating (TR-LF)

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