ZOOL 113: Human Physiology


Title Author
Human physiology / Stuart Ira Fox, Pierce College.
McGraw-Hill Education,
Fox, Stuart Ira,
Vander's human physiology : the mechanisms of body function / Eric P. Widmaier (Boston University), Hershel Raff (Medical College of Wisconsin, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center), Kevin T. Strang (University of Wisconsin-Madison).
McGraw-Hill Education,
Widmaier, Eric P.,
Human physiology : an integrated approach / Dee Unglaub Silverthorn, Ph. D., University of Texas, Austin ; with contributions by Bruce R. Johnson, Ph. D., Cornell University and William C. Ober, M.D., illustration coordinator ; Claire E. Ober, R.N., illustrator ; Andrew C. Silverthorn, M.D., clinical consultant.
Silverthorn, Dee Unglaub,

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