Cal Maritime Library

Course Reserves

Course Instructor
Atlantic SIM Stackpole
DL 115: Marlinspike Allen
ET 332: Strength of Materials Strange
ET 344: Thermodynamics Pinisetty
ET 350: Electrical Machinery Chang-Siu
LAW 100: Business Law Dudman
LAW 200: Environmental Law Dudman
LEED Storz
Lib 100: Information Fluency Janssen
Marine Transportation Stackpole
Maritime Navigation Stackpole
ME 442: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Pronchick
MTH 100: College Algebra and Trig Gutkina
Murphy's Stackpole
NCEES Exam Storz
Pacific SIM Stackpole
USCG Exam Stackpole

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