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Hist-582-Kornfeld: HISTORY 582


Title Author
No exit (Huis clos).
AA Knopf, [©1946]
Sartre, Jean-Paul,
Three guineas / Virginia Woolf.
London : Hogarth Press, 1943.
Woolf, Virginia,
Physics and beyond; encounters and conversations. Translated from the German by Arnold J. Pomerans.
New York, Harper & Row, [©1971]
Heisenberg, Werner,
Homage to Catalonia / George Orwell.
New York : Harcourt Brace, [1952]
Orwell, George,
The interpretation of dreams. Translated from the German and edited by James Strachey.
New York, Basic Books, [1955]
Freud, Sigmund,

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