ENG 700: ENG 700


Title Author
Generation 1.5 in College Composition
Roberge, Mark
A Guide to Composition Pedagogies
Tate, Gary
Linguistically Diverse Immigrant and Resident Writers
Ortmeier-Hooper, Christina
Relocating the Personal
Kamler, Barbara
The Psychology of Written Composition
Bereiter, Carl
With Literacy and Justice for all (3th Edition)
Edelsky, Carole
Writing: A Mosaic of New Perspectives
Grigorenko, Elena L
Writing Instruction That Works
Applebee, Arthur N
Adolescent Literacy in the Academic Disciplines
Jetton, Tamara L.
Handbook of Adolescent Literacy Research
Christenbury, Leila
Handbook of Writing Research
MacArthur, Charles A.
Research on compositi
Best Practices in Writing Instruction (2nd Edition)
Graham, Steve
Ethnographic Perspectives on Academic Writing
Paltridge, Brain
A Synthesis of Research on Second Language Writing In English
Leki, Ilona

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