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Anth 11: Anthropology 11


Title Author
Cultural Anthropology (Custom Ed.)
Ethnic Identity in China
Mirror for humanity : a concise introduction to cultural anthropology / Conrad Phillip Kottak.
New York, NY : McGraw-Hill, 2009.
Kottak, Conrad Phillip.
New capitalists : law, politics, and identity surrounding casino gaming on Native American land / Eve Darian-Smith.
Wadsworth/Thomson Learning,
Darian-Smith, Eve,
Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology
Culture sketches : case studies in anthropology / Holly Peters-Golden.
Boston : McGraw-Hill, ©2006.
Peters-Golden, Holly.
The Dobe Ju/'hoansi / Richard B. Lee.
Fort Worth : Harcourt Brace College Publishers, c1993.
Lee, Richard B.

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