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ME 250: Mechanical Engineering 250


Title Author
Precision engineering : an evolutionary view / by Chris Evans.
Bedford, UK : Cranfield Press, ©1989.
Evans, Chris,
Gauges and fine measurements, by F.H. Rolt. With introductory note by J.E. Sears, jnr. Edited by Sir R.T. Glazebrook.
London, Macmillan, 1929.
Rolt, Frederick Henry,
Foundations of mechanical accuracy [by] Wayne R. Moore. With an introductory by George R. Harrison.
Bridgeport, Conn., Moore Special Tool Co, [c1970]
Moore, Wayne R.
Principles of precision engineering / Hiromu Nakazawa ; translated by Ryu Takeguchi.
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 1994.
Nakazawa, Hiromu,
Mechanical design of laboratory apparatus.
London, Chapman & Hall, [1960]
Braddick, H. J. J.
Procedures in experimental physics / by John Strong, in collaboration with H. Victor Neher, Albert E. Whitford, C. Hawley Cartwright and Roger Hayward, illustrated by Roger Hayward.
New York : Prentice-Hall Inc, 1938.
Strong, John,
Foundations of ultraprecision mechanism design / S.T. Smith and D.G. Chetwynd.
Montreux, Switzerland ; Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, c1992.
Smith, S. T.
Precision machine design / Alexander H. Slocum.
Dearborn, Mich. : Society of Manufacturing Engineers, ©1992.
Slocum, Alexander H.
Exact constraint : machine design using kinematic principles / Douglass L. Blanding.
New York : ASME Press, 1999.
Blanding, Douglass L.,

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