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HIST 121A: History 121A

Monday; Olson

Title Author
A short history of the Middle Ages / Barbara H. Rosenwein.
University of Toronto Press,
Rosenwein, Barbara H.,
The medieval traveller / Norbert Ohler ; translated by Caroline Hiller.
Woodbridge, Suffolk : Boydell, 1989.
Ohler, Norbert.
The Viking age : a reader / edited by Angus A. Somerville and R. Andrew McDonald.
University of Toronto Press,
Readings in medieval history / edited by Patrick J. Geary.
Peterborough, Ont. : Broadview Press, 1998.
The medieval expansion of Europe / J.R.S. Phillips.
Oxford [England] ; Clarendon Press, 1998.
Phillips, J. R. S.
The Vinland sagas : the Icelandic sagas about the first documented voyages across the north Atlantic : the saga of the Greenlanders and Eirik the Red's saga / translated by Keneva Kunz with an introduction and notes by Gísli Sigurđsson.
Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages : a reader / edited by Brett Edward Whalen.
Toronto : University of Toronto Press, ©2011.
The travels / Marco Polo ; translated and with an introduction and notes by Nigel Cliff.
Penguin Classics,
Polo, Marco,
The travels of Sir John Mandeville / translated with an introduction by C.W.R.D. Moseley.
London : Penguin, 1983
Mandeville, John,
From Roman to Merovingian Gaul : a reader / edited and translated by Alexander Callander Murray.
North York, Ont. ; University of Toronto Press, ©2008.

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