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Course Instructor
ACCT 3000: Intermediate Accounting I Emery
ACCT 4500: Accounting Ethics McCown
ANTH 1318: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology El Hadidi
ANTH 3318: People of Mexico El Hadidi
ART 1009: Prac & Apprec of the Visual Ar Dominick; Costello; Green; Haug; Vazquez
ART 3618: Revolutionary Ideas in Nineteenth Century Art Weller
ART 3620: Modern Art 1900-1980 Weller
BA 1008: Perspectives in Business Stark; Robinson
BA 3010: Data Analysis & Decision Making Mishkind
BA 3010,: Data Analysis & Decision
BA 3108,: Business and Society Olson; Choi
BIOL 2010: Introductory Biology - Cells Gillard
BIOL 2210: Human Anatomy Dodenhoff
BIOL 3010: General Ecology Kloock
CAFS 1100: Introduction to CAFS Tyus
CAFS 3560: Aging and the Family Reid
CAFS 3600: Parenting and Family Relations Wallace
CHEM 1100: Foundations of Analytical Chemistry Buschhaus
CHEM 1600: Foundations of Physical Chemistry Talbert
CHEM 2300: Foundations of Organic Chemistry Solano; Bergkamp; Hudson; Bacher
CHEM 2400: Foundations of Biochemistry Lopez
CHEM 2400.: Foundations of Biochemistry Forester; Lopez
CHEM 2500: Foundations of Food Science Forester
CHEM 2940: Research Methods in Biochemistry Brandon
CHEM 3300: Organic Chemistry I Solano; Bacher; Bergkamp; Hudson
CHEM 3301: Organic Chemistry Laboratory I Hashim
CHEM 3310: Organic Chemistry II Solano; Hudson; Bergkamp; Bacher
CHEM 3311: Organic Chemistry Laboratory II Bergkamp
CHEM 3400: Foundations of Biochemistry Forester; Lopez
CHEM 3500: Food Analysis Forester
CHEM 3940: Seminar in Biochemical Literature Gebauer
CHEM 4400: Foundations of Biochemistry Lopez; Forester
CHEM 4500: Food Chemistry Forester
CHEM 4510: Advanced Nutrition & Metabolism Forester
CMOD 8200: Change Management & Organizational Development Foundations Hunt
COMM 1008: Strategies of Public Communication Moreno; O'Bannon Miller; Jackson; Forsythe; Zipnick; Watkins Denison; Price; Phillips
COMM 2518: Introduction to Film Studies Dell'Amico
COMM 3000: Theories of Communication Jackson
COMM 3008: Technical and Report Writing Garza; Garcia
COMM 3008.: Technical and Report Writing Slaughter; Stepanovich; Plata; Butow; Garcia; Lamb; Nucum; Simmons; Gabbitas; Threatt
COMM 3020: Ethical Issues in the Media Garcia
CRJU 1108: Introduction to Criminal Justice Sims
CRJU 2150: Research Methods Nelson
CRJU 3170: Theoretical Perspectives in Criminal Justice Flores; Nelson
CRJU 3250: Advances Topics in Policing Ellwanger
CRJU 3260: Advanced Topics in Courts Fong
CRJU 3260.: Advanced Topics in Courts Estes
CRJU 3270: Advanced Topics in Corrections Flores; Joo; Nelson
CRJU 3280: Advanced Topics in Juvenile Justice Taylor
CRJU 3318: Women and the Criminal Justice System Ziegler-Lopez
CRJU 3320: Race, Ethnicity & Criminal Justice Abu-Lughod
CRJU 3448: Drugs & Crime Ellwanger; Longwith
CRJU 4908: Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice Nelson
CSUB 1029: First Year Seminar Gonzalez; Esparza; Thompson; Morones; Ziegler-Lopez; Anthony; Hallmark; Callahan; Henley; Sanchez; Cotton; de Leon; Ashley; Rees; Goyeneche; Medina Cruz; Dillingham; Frampton; Hernandez; Mendiola; Hernandez; Ramos; Romero; Ochoa Vega; Gonzalez; Paschal; Robles; Ramirez Oliva; Salomon; Ballard; Hashim; Catalan; Salie; Silva; Sanchez; Mayorga; Ruiz; Lopez; Bui; Lam
CSUB 4919: Capstone Theme Q Raupp
ECON 2018: Essentials of Micro-Economics Deal
ECON 2200.: Quantitative Tools for Business and Economists Deal
ECON 4530: Engineering Economics Evans
EDAD 6400: Family and Community Engagement Wisman
EDAD 6400.: Family and Community Engagement Campbell
EDEL 5100: Literacy Arts for Diverse Learners LaGue
EDEL 5200: Math Methods and Assessment Hughes
EDEL 5400: Literacy and Social Studies Gage
EDEL 5400.: Literacy and Social Studies LaGue
EDEL 5400:: Elementary Education Conte
EDEL 5400;: Interdisciplinary Social Studies Tyler
EDEL 5500: Science Methods & Assessment Hughes
EDSE 5400: Educational Psychology Schmidt
EDSE 5500: Assessment for Single Subject Teachers Schmidt
EDTE 4100: Teaching English Learners & Special Populations Conte
ENGL 1109.: Writing and Research Fox
ENGL 1109,: Writing and Research Penrose
ENGL 1109: Writing and Research Yohe; Wong; Gallardo; Ochoa; Fox; Penrose; Aragon; Hulsy; Chrobak; Lynde; Ramirez; Rosema; Porter; De La Mater; Rodriguez; Patton; Adams; Giese; Drennan; McGhie; Jackson; Dever; Karpe; Bradshaw; Buys; Larimer; Patrick; Burnett; McMasters
ENGL 1109:: Writing and Research Dever
ENGL 1109;: Writing and Research Ochoa
ENGL 1208: Introduction to Literature Dell'Amico
ENGL 2518: Introduction to Film Studies Dell'Amico
ENGL 3109:: Modes of Writing
ENGL 3268: Writing Nature: Literature and the Environment Frye
ENGL 3600: Structure of English Adjaye
ENGL 4430: The Young Adult Novel Hudson
ENGL 4648: Sociolinguistics Carlisle
ENGR 4260: Economics of Engineer Design Evans
ERM 3010: Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Management Weinstein
ERM 3020: Advanced Occupational Safety and Health Management Weinstein
ETHS 1208: Introduction to Ethnic Studies Moraga; Sataraka
FIN 3260: Investment Management Zhou
FIN 6000: Seminar in Financial Management & Policy Emery
GEOL 2010: Physical Geology O'Sullivan
HCA 6610: Strategic Management Pallitto
HCA 6620: Ethical & Legal Issues in Healthcare Pallitto
HIST 1218.: Survey of US History to 1877 Rodriquez
HIST 1218: Survey of US History to 1877 Mulry
HIST 1218;: Survey of US History to 1877 Andreotti
HIST 1228.: Survey of US History Since 1865 Rodriquez
HIST 1228: Survey of US History Since 1865 Andreotti
HIST 3240: California History Dodd
HIST 3440: African Decolonization, 1922-1994 Dhada
HIST 5030: Methods and Historiography Allen
HIST 5110: Reading Seminar in US History to 1865 Stango
HIST 5420: Reading Seminar; African/Middle Eastern History Dhada
History Department: History Department American History Challenge Exam
KINE 1018: Lifetime Fitness Moffit
KINE 3000: Motor Growth/Dev Acrs Lifespan Thoms; Zenko
KINE 3010: Measurement and Eval in Kines Wang; Moffit; Moffit; Sanchez; Zenko
KINE 3020: Psyc of Sport and Phys Activty Zenko
KINE 3040: Exercise Physiology Sanchez; Moffit
KINE 3100: Sports Medicine I Harnetiaux
Library Reserve: Library Reserve
MATH 1040: Precalculus I and II Combined Lam
MATH 1050: Precalculus I College Algebra Ko
MATH 1050.: Precalculus I College Algebra Lam
MATH 1051: Precalculus I Supplement Lam; Yun
MATH 1060: Precalculus II Ko; Yun; Malouf
MATH 1060.: Precalculus II Lam
MATH 1209: Elementary Statistics Montoya
MATH 2120: Number Systems and Algebraic Thinking for Preservice Elementary Teachers Trigos
MATH 2120:: Number Systems and Algebraic Thinking for Preservice Elementary Teachers Kemp
MATH 2530.: Calculus III Raczkowski
MATH 3120: Geometry, Probability and Statistics for Preservice Elementary Teachers Trigos
MATH 3120.: Geometry, Probability and Statistics for Preservice Elementary Teachers Kemp
MATH 3200: Probability Theory Montoya
MGMT 6520: Project Management Smith
MIS 2000: Software Productivity Tools Tucker
MKTG 3000: Marketing Principles West
MUS 1140: Voice Class I Kiouses
MUS 1150: Voice Class II Kiouses
MUS 2620: Woodwind Pedagogy Chang
MUS 3039: America's Musical Life Haney
MUS 3500: History of Western Music I Haney
MUS 3510: History of Western Music II Haney
MUS 3520: History of Western Music III Haney
MUS 4908: Senior Seminar Haney
NURS 3130: Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (Theory) Collom
Nursing Department: Nursing Department
PHIL 1019: Critical Thinking Jackson
PHIL 1019..: Critical Thinking Palaiologou
PHIL 3338: Business Ethics Olson
PHIL 3368: Environmental Philosophy Olson
PHIL 3548: Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality Kegley
PLSI 3040: International Relations Martinez
PPA 2008.: American Govt & Public Admin Martinez
PPA 4038:: Public Policy Making Process Pallitto
PSYC 2018: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Susa
PSYC 2648: Living the Green Life Raupp
PSYC 3110: Understanding Psych Res II Vega
PSYC 3220: Sensation and Perception Leon
PSYC 3260: Social Psychology Vega
PSYC 3270: Abnormal Psychology Duran
PSYC 3340: Small Group Dynamics Evans
PSYC 3648: Environmental Psychology Raupp
PSYC 3688: People & Animal Companions Raupp
PSYC 4900: .: Senior Seminar Raupp
PSYC 4900.: Senior Seminar Susa
RS 1118: Religion and Film: Screening the Sacred Lamas
RS 1138: Dharma & Dao: Asian Religion Gubkin-Malicdem
RS 3208: Explorations in Scriptures Lamas
RS 3210: Judaism Gubkin-Malicdem
RS 3528: The Holocaust and Its Impact Campagna-Pinto
RS 4518: The Meaning of Death Emmett
SCI 3319: California Geology and Society Pitts; Kiouses; Moreno; Soares Cruz; Guo; Krugh
SCI 3329: Water and the West Knight; Cotton; Song
SCI 3609: An Introduction to the Modern Cosmos
SOC 1008: Introduction to Sociology Arrieta
SOC 1018: Critical Thinking and Contemporary Social Problems Studebaker
SOC 2018: Self & Society Studebaker
SOC 3000: Introduction to Research Methods Lynch
SOC 3040: Sociology of Deviance Arrieta
SOC 3110: Contemporary Sociological Theory Sanchez
SOC 3300: Cultural and Social Geography Lynch
SOC 3340: Diversity and U.S. Education Molina-Jackson
SOC 3360: Latino Experiences in the U.S. Sanchez
SOC 3408: Gender and Society Gibson
SOC 3510: Childhood and Society Arrieta
SOC 4038: Technology and Society Sanchez
SOC 4200: Quantitative Analysis Kasselstrand
SOC 4300: Sociology of Immigration Santos
SOC 4988: Senior Seminar Sanchez
SOC 4988:: Senior Seminar in Sociology Kasselstrand
SOC 4988.: Senior Seminar in Sociology Santos
SW 6620: Social Work Practice in Child Welfare II Choi
THTR 1008: Beginning Acting McMasters
THTR 1008.: Beginning Acting Saba
THTR 1009: Art of Presentation Boeck
THTR 1019: Introduction to Theatre Boeck
THTR 1019.: Dynamic Leadership through Improvisation McMasters
THTR 1109: Introduction to Theatre McMasters
THTR 2460: Technical Theatre Production Laboratory Eicher
THTR 3010: Voice and Speech for the Actor McMasters
THTR 3300: Dramatic Literature and Performance for Youth Boeck
THTR 3300:: Dramatic Literature and Performance for Youth Ressler
THTR 3310: Dramatic Activity for the Classroom Boeck
THTR 3310.: Dramatic Activity for the Classroom McMasters
THTR 3310,: Dramatic Activity for the Classroom Ressler
THTR 3460: Technical Theatre Production Laboratory Eicher

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