Course Reserves

Course Instructor
ACCT 300: 001: Applied Managerial Accounting Shim; Nelson
AFS 202: Introduction to Africana Studies Cosby
ANTH 102: Cultural Anthropology Matera
ANTH 102-01: Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 104: Intro to Bioanthropology Kuzminsky
ANTH 105: Introduction to Archaeology Curtis; Olsthoorn
ANTH 345: 002: Human Evolution and Diversity Kuzminsky
ANTH 345: 03: Human Evolution and Diversity Curtis
ANTH 443: 001: Medical Anthropology Abramiuk; Armanino
ANTH 480: Archaeological Reconnaissance Curtis
ANTH 489: Professionalism in Anthropology Delaney
ARAB 101: Elementary Arabic I Bezrati
ART 100: Understanding Art Processes Coughran; Lloyd
ART 101: What is Art? Perchuk; Taschian; Lloyd
ART 108: Visual Technologies Figueroa
ART 205: Multimedia King
ART 340: Film of the Hispanic World Becerra Garcia
ART 489: Arts Seminar Delgado
ART/BUS 334: The Business of Art Coughran
ART/PSY 338: Psychology of Art and Artists Valentine; Ellis
ARTH 300: Art History: Tools and Methods Perchuk
ARTH 323: Godesses, Heroes and Ancient European and Mediterranean Art Perchuk
ARTH 375: Modern Art (1850-1970) Costache
ASL 101: American Sign Language 1 Sladek; Wu
ASL 102: American Sign Language II Wu
BIOL 100: Exploring the Living World Huvard
BIOL 170: Foundations of Life Science Huvard
BIOL 200/201: Organismal and Pop Biology Norris; Swig; Standish; Hales; Dilly
BIOL 210/211: Human Anatomy and Physiology Profant; Thomas; Andreoli
BIOL 301: Microbiology Fleming
BIOL 310: Vertebrate Biology Norris
BIOL 332: Cancer and Society Zhao
BIOL 400: Molecular Biology Zhao
BIOL 433: 002: Ecology and the Environment von May; Alvarado
BIOL 452: Entomology Alarcon
BUS 110: Business Law Kroll
BUS 110-01: Business Law Kroll
BUS 310: Business Discourse 21st Century Prof Murphy
BUS 499: Business Capstone Seay; Gillies
BUS/EC 341: 002: Drug Discovery and Development Lu
BUS/ECON 349: History of Business/Economics Block
CHEM 110: Chemistry of Life Burnside
CHEM 311/312 314/315: ALL: Organic Chemistry I & II Awad; Schulze; D'Angelo
CHEM 461: Biochemistry I Lab Kobrin; Munroe
CHIN 101: Elementary Chinese I Smitheram
CHS: Chicano Studies
CHS 100: `: Introduction to Chicana/o Studies Centino
CHS 331: Transborder Theory and Writing CHS Centino
CHS 335: Chicana Feminisms Chavarria
CHS 491: Theoretical Foundations of Chicana/o Studies Luna
CHS/HIST 350: Chicana/o History and Culture Alamillo; Barajas
CHS/NRS/HLTH 343: Health in Latina/o Community Jimenez
CHS/PSY 383: Chicana/O Latina/O Identity Centino
COMM 200: 02: Intro to Communication Studies Boyd Barrett
COMM 200: 03: Intro to Communication Studies Salin; Morgan
COMM 225: Professional Communication Boyd Barrett
COMM 305: Qualitative Research and Writing Methods Boyd Barrett
COMM 340: 02: Conflict Management and Mediation Opffer
COMP 221: UNIX System Programming I Scrivnor
COMP 262: Computer Organization/Architecture Zierhut
COMP 362: Operating Systems Scrivnor
COMP 424/ IT 105: Computer System Security Al-Salman
COMP 447: Societal Issues in Computing Onzol
COMP/IT 105: Intro to Programming Al-Salman
CRC: Campus Reading Celebration
DANCE 232: Reading and Writing Dance Park
DANCE 343/PA 210: Teaching Dance Lavin Hughes
ECS 320: Teaching and Learning Programs Riojas Cortez; Sadiq
ECS 460: Infant/Toddler Educaring White
ECS 462: Suppporting Dual Language Learners Ramos
ECS 468: Early Lang: Lit & Math Dev 3-8 Perez-Gonzalez
ECS 470: Teach & Learn Preschool/Primary Chase
EDAP 422/EDMS 522: Literacy Multicultural Amato
EDML 417: Soc-Cultural Cotx Bili School Herrera
EDML 563: Primary Language Schools in the US K-12 Herrera
EDMS 422: 01: Creating Manag Eff Elem School Swenor
EDMS 422: 05: Creating Manag Eff Elem School Duran; Hartnett
EDMS 525: Modern Methods in Math Hurtado
EDPL 634: Management of Resources and Learning Environments Weis
EDUC 412: 01: Equity, Diversity Found School Thompson; Hurtado
EDUC/ENG 475: 002: Language in Social Context Adler
EMEC 325: Engineering Design Zierhut
EMEC/PHYS 305: Thermal and Statistical Physics Wood
ENGL 102: 003, 004, 005: Strategies of Successful College Writing Ruvalcaba
ENGL 102: 007, 008: Strategies of Successful College Writing Park
ENGL 102-01: 001: Strategies of Successful College Writing Spitler-Lawson
ENGL 105: 003, 004: Composition and Rhetoric Park
ENGL 105: 003, 005, 009, 010: Composition and Rhetoric Sarig
ENGL 107: Advanced Composition/Rhetoric Spitler-Lawson
ENGL 210: Themes and Theories in World Lit McClellan
ENGL 220: American Literature II Katz
ENGL 250: British and European Lit Katz
ENGL 260: Creative Writing: An Introduction Baker
ENGL 315: 001: Introduction to Language and Structure Hakala
ENGL 325: 01: Major Non- Western Authors Baker
ENGL 326: Major British and European Authors Hakala
ENGL 327: Major American Authors Monsma
ENGL 328: Mythology McClellan
ENGL 337: Literature of the Environment Monsma
ENGL 349: Perspectives Multicultural Literature Monsma
ENGL 433: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Studies Spitler-Lawson
ENGL 478: Writing as Reflective Practice Adler
ENGL/PATH 410: Shakespeare's Plays Hakala
ESRM 205: Principles of Sustainability Tejada
ESRM/BIOL 313: 01: Conservation Biology Steele; Spies
FIN 413: Investment Analysis Koh
FREN 101: Elementary French Sitbon Slosburg
GEOG 201: Culture and History Horn; O'Hirok
GLST 200: Introduction to Global Studies Scholl
HIST 211: World Civil: Origins to 1500 Nolde
HIST 212: World Civilizations: Since 1500 HOOD WHITESELL
HIST 271: 02: The United States since 1877 Meriwether
HIST 271-03: 03: The United States Since 1877 Barajas
HIST 275: The United States to 1900 Wolf
HIST 300: 01: The Historian's Craft Jalil
HIST 300: The Historian's Craft Powelson
HIST 301: Topics in World History Jalil
HIST 343: The Long Civil Rights Movement Meriwether
HIST 370: History of Colonial North America Block
HIST 389: Indian Ocean World Nolde
HIST 414: Women and Gender in History Francois
HIST 420: History of Mexico Francois
HIST 491: Historiography Caldwell
HLTH 100: Medical Terminology Gutierrez- Jimenez
HLTH 101: The U.S. Healthcare System Gutierrez- Jimenez
HLTH 102: Community Health Organizations Gutierrez- Jimenez
HLTH 300: Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness Gutierrez- Jimenez
HLTH 311: Biostatistics for Health Science Wagner
HLTH 406: Global Health
HLTH 490: Special Topics in Health Science
LS 220: Developing Literacy in Diverse Society Kruse
LS 490: Capstone Course Tejada
MATH 201: Elementary Statistics Quintanilla-Salinas
MATH 208: Modern Math for Elementary Teachers Santiago
MATH 300: 001: Discrete Mathematics Buhl
MATH 490: Topics in Modern Mathematics Grzegorczyk
MGT 307: Management of Organizations Cooper
MGT 326: Business Ethics
MGT 421: 01: Human Resource Management Cooper
MGT 421: Human Resource Management Gillies
MUS 109: 15A: Private Lessons I Roberson
MUS 109: 3A: Private Lessons 1 Bickel
MUS 109: Private Lessons McNamara
MUS 200: History of Rock Marsh
MUS 202: Group Guitar Lessons Bickel
MUS 231: The Beatles Murphy; Marsh
MUS 302: Group Guitar Lessons II Bickel
MUS 309: 3A: Private Lessons II Bickel
MUS 309: Private Lessons McNamara
MUS 330: Jazz in America Murphy
MUS 385: Audio Design and Recording Bickel
NRS 500/527: Advanced Health Assessment and Promotion/Advanced Concepts of Healthy Lifespan Atyabi; Greif
PA 101: Intro to the Performing Arts Roberson
PA 210/DANCE 343: Understanding Dance & Music Elementary Eduation Lavin Hughes
PA 360: Musical Theatre Bickel
PATH/EDU 343: Teaching Drama to Children Covault
PHED 302: Motor Learning, Fitness Tejada
PHSC 170: 01: Foundations of Physical Science Nelson; Bennett
PHYS 100: 01: Introduction to Physics I Nelson
PHYS 101: Intro to Physics II Nelson
PHYS 400: Quantum Mechanics I Wood
PHYS/ASTR/BIOL 110: Life in the Universe Bennett
PHYS/EMEC 310: Electronics Rasnow
POLS 102: Comparative Government Rajmaira
POLS 103: International Politics Scholl
POLS 150: 003: American Political Institution Scholl
POLS 150: 01: American Political Institutions Rajmaira
POLS 150: 04: American Political Institution Pugia
POLS 150: 08: American Political Institutions Kelly
POLS 300: Political Science Research Methods Kelly
POLS 301: Political Theory Pugia
POLS 305: Gender and Politics Rajmaira
POLS 320: Public Administration: Writing as Public Service Baker
POLS 325: American Public Policy Frisch
POLS 329: International Law and Organizations Grove
POLS 427: Model United Nations Scholl
President's Operational Effectiveness Challenge: President's Operational Effectiveness Challenge Itkonen
PSY 100: 003: Intro to Psychology Thayer
PSY 100: 02: Intro to Psychology Loman
PSY 213: 01: Developmental Psychology Loman
PSY 213: 03: Developmental Psychology Lewis
PSY 220: Human Sexual Behavior Grey
PSY 300/301: ALL: Psych Research and Statistics Methods Talarico; Kee-Rose; Beers; Krause; Stokes
PSY 310: History and Systems of Psychology Morrison; Krause; Adams; Beers
PSY 312: 001: Social Psychology Sanchez
PSY 312: 03: Social Psychology Morrison
PSY 312: 04: Social Psychology Adams
PSY 313: 003: Clinical and Abnormal Psychology Appell
PSY 313: 005: Clinical and Abnormal Psychology Bennett
PSY 314: 02: Behavioral Neuroscience Magdaleno
PSY 314: 03: Behavioral Neuroscience Thayer
PSY 314: 04: Behavioral Neuroscience Stokes; de Oca
PSY 315: 01: Child Psychopathology Moon
PSY 317: 02: Theories of Personality Grey
PSY 317: 03: Theories of Personality Morrison
PSY 317: 04: Theories of Personality Volkan
PSY 318: 01: Learning, Cognition, Perception de Oca; Stokes
PSY 327: 01: Parenting Moon
PSY 346: 02: Understanding Motivation and Emotion Detar; Soenke; Grey
PSY 370: Fundamentals of Counseling Theory Morrison
PSY 411: Navigating Careers in Psychology Zerr
PSY 445: 01: Adolescent Development Teranishi Martinez; Stokes
PSY 457: Criminal Behavior Lewis
PSY 460: 01: Addiction Studies Bennett
PSY 461: Special Topics in Development Teranishi Martinez
SOC 100: Intro to Sociology Armanino
SOC 201: Social Problems Pitones
SOC 305: Writing in the Social Sciences Taber; Abell
SOC 305-01: Writing in the Social Sciences Armanino
SOC 321: 01: Research Methods in Sociology Blagg
SOC 321: 02: Research Methods in Sociology Abell
SOC 370: Crime and Society Jepson
SOC 385: Social Psychology Moore
SPAN 320: Intro Spanish Translation Jiménez Jiménez
SPAN 321: Intro to Spanish English Interp Gonzalez
SPAN 430: Her Story: Women Writers of the Spanish-Speaking World Becerra Garcia
SPAN 460: Masterpieces of Spanish Literature Becerra Garcia
SPAN 498: Service Learning Capstone SPAN Clark
THTR 180: Acting I: Foundations Burriss
UNIV 150: 09: First-Year Seminar Morgan
UNIV 150: Current Events and Cultural Literacy Allison
UNIV 350B: Transfer Year Seminar B Rasnow

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