Cal Maritime Library

Course Reserves

Course Instructor
BUS 120: Environment of Modern Business Isakson
BUS 200: Introduction to Marketing Neumann
BUS 310: 1: Financial Management Shackman
BUS 405: Leadership and Group Dynamics Isakson
CEP 370: FET Industry Cooperative II Storz
CHE 110: General Chemistry Yip; Murphy
Common Read: Common Reading
DL 105: Marine Survival Elliott
DL 111: Ship Construction Calnan; Reiman
DL 115: Marlinspike Sutro
DL 225: Radar/ARPA Saarheim
DL 305: Tug and Barge Solana
ECO 100: 1-3: Macroeconomics Brindle; Neumann
EGL 100: 1, 2,4: English Composition Marocchino
EGL 100: 3: English Composition Frick
EGL 110: Speech Communication Frick
EGL 120: Technical Communication Senk-Auton
EGL 200: 1: Intro to Literature Dewey
EGL 200: 2: Intro to Literature Carmichael
EGL 220: Critical Thinking Parsons; Starr; Carmichael
EGL 225: Creative Writing Chisholm
EGL 300: Advanced Writing Starr; Frick; Marocchino
ENG 210: Engineering Computer Programming Gutierrez
ENG 430: Naval Architecture Kazek
EPO 125: Intro to Marine Engineering Satterwhite
EPO 213: Welding Lab Grover
EPO 214: Boilers Green
EPO 312: Turbines Storz
EPO 322: Diesel Engineering II Simulator Moorhead
ET 250: Electrical Circuits Chang-Siu
ET 330: Dynamics Strange
ET 332: Strength of Materials Strange
ET 344: Thermodynamics Kazek
ET 350: Electrical Machinery Chang-Siu
ET 400: Instrumentation and Measurement Fischer
ET 442: Heating Ventilating A/C Clyatt
GMA 215: Comparative Politics Tsuma
GMA 225: Southeast Asia-Maritime/Mainland Meredith
GMA 235: GIS Mapping & Spatial Analysis Strickland
GMA 250: Environmental Policy Wade
GMA 350: Political Geography Meredith
GMA 395: 3: Maritime Cybersecurity Nincic
GOV 200: American Government Metz
HIS 100: 1: U.S. History to 1877 Metz
HIS 101: U.S. History from 1877 Metz
HUM 215: Introduction to Cinema Frick
HUM 350: Maritime Culture Dewey
HUM 400: Ethics Chisholm
LAN 110: Spanish I Rodriguez
LAW 100: Business Law Dudman
LAW 200: Environmental Law Dudman
LIB 100: Information Fluency Hanson; Luce; Janssen
Marine Transportation: Marine Transportation Stackpole
Maritime Navigation: Maritime Navigation Stackpole
ME 230: Engineering Materials Gutierrez
ME 232: Engineering Statics Nordenholz
ME 340: Engineering Fluid Mechanics Bagheri
ME 360: Instrument and measure systems Holden
ME 430: Mechanical Vibrations Nordenholz
ME 442: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Tsai
ME 492: Project Design Oppenheim
MGT 205: Organizationnal Behavior & Labor Relations Lewis
MGT 340: Global Logistics Bachkar
MGT 420: Supply Chain Management Bachkar
MTH 100: College Algebra and Trig Gutkina; Moradmand; Strickland; Johnson
MTH 205: Calculus for Business Gutkina
MTH 210: Calculus I Simons
MTH 211: Calculus II Simons
MTH 212: Calculus III Pohlmann
MTH 250: Intro Linear Algebra Pohlmann
Murphy's: Murphy's Stackpole
NAU 102: Navigation I and Lab Burback
NAU 103: Marine Transportation Ward
NAU 105: Ship Structure Grate
NAU 108: Operational Command at Sea Lewis
NAU 230: Rules of the Road Browne
NAU 302: Advanced Navigation Holl-mcgowan
NAU 320: Tank Vessel Operations Schmid
NAU 330: Meteorology McNie
NAU 335: ECDIS Pearson
NAU 410: License Seminar Browne
NCEES FE Exam: NCEES Exam Storz
OCN 100: Marine Biology Parker
OCN 200: Oceanography I: Geol & Chem Cifuentes-Lorenzen
OCN 320: Oceans and Climate Cifuentes-Lorenzen
Pacific SIM: Pacific SIM Stackpole
PHY 100: General Physics I Fairbanks
PHY 200: Engineering Physics I Fairbanks
PHY 205: Engineering Physics II Moradmand
PMI: PMI Storz
Ride Along: PFD
TEM 500: Project Management Runyon
USCG Exam: USCG Exam Stackpole

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