Cal Maritime Library

Course Reserves

Course Instructor
All NAU and DL: All NAU and DL Hayes
Atlantic SIM: Atlantic SIM Stackpole
BUS 120: Environment of Modern Business Isakson
BUS 200: Introduction to Marketing Neumann
BUS 310: Financial Management Portolos
BUS 395: Marine Insurance Isakson
CAP: CAP Storz
CL 210: Dying: final stage of living Marocchino
Common: Common Reading 2018
DL 105: Marine Survival Elliott
DL 115: Marlinspike Sutro
DL 325: Radar/ARPA Saarheim
ECO 100: Macroeconomics Kamdar
ECO 100: Macroeconomics Dudman
ECO 395: Maritime Industry Kamdar
EGL 100: English Composition Sinha
EGL 100: English Composition
EGL 110: Speech Communication Frick
EGL 120: Technical Communication Starr
EGL 220-1: Creative Writing Clarke
EGL 300: Advanced Composition Frick
EGL 320: Literature of the Fantastic Senk-Auton
ET 250: Electrical Circuits Chang-Siu
ET 332: Strength of Materials Strange
ET 344: Thermodynamics Pinisetty
ET 350: Electrical Machinery Chang-Siu
ET 400: Instrumentation and Measurement Fischer
GMA 215: Comparative Politics Dudley
GMA 235: GIS Mapping & Spatial Analysis Sammler
GMA 240: World Geography Meredith
GMA 395: International Migration Meredith
GOV 200: American Government Metz
HIS 100: U.S. History to 1877 Metz
HIS 101: U.S. History from 1877 Metz
HUM 130: Creativity Hartman
HUM 350: Maritime Culture Dewey
LAN 110: Spanish I Rodriguez
LAN 120: Chinese I Wang
LAW 100: Business Law Dudman
LAW 200: Environmental Law Dudman
Lib 100: Information Fluency Janssen
LS-AMP: LS-AMP Kociolek
Marine Transportation: Marine Transportation Stackpole
Maritime Navigation: Maritime Navigation Stackpole
ME 230: Engineering Materials Gutierrez
ME 340: Engineering Fluid Mechanics Bagheri
ME 360: Instrument and measure systems Holden
ME 394: Fluid/Thermal Design Bagheri
ME 430: Mechanical Vibrations Nordenholz
ME 442: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Tsai
ME 492: Project Design Oppenheim
MTH 100: College Algebra and Trig Gutkina
Murphy's: Murphy's Stackpole
NAU 102L: Navigation Lab Sutro
NAU 105: Ship Structure Grate
NAU 108: Operational Command at Sea Lewis
NAU 320: Tank Vessel Operations Schmid
NAU 330: Meteorology McNie
NAU 395: Advanced ECDIS Powell
NAU 410: License Seminar Messer-Bookman
NCEES Exam: NCEES Exam Storz
Pacific SIM: Pacific SIM Stackpole
PHY 100: General Physics Fairbanks
PMI: PMI Storz
TEM 500: Project Management Runyon
USCG Exam: USCG Exam Stackpole

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