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Course Instructor
ASL 101: Beginning American Sign Language I
ASL 102: Beginning American Sign Language II
ASL 201: Intermediate ASL I
BIO 204: Introduction to Life Science Thomas
BIO 210: Molecular and Cell Biology and Animal Physiology Kibak; Haffa
BIO 211: Ecology, Evolution, Biodiversity and Plants Kibak; Stanfield
BIO 300: Issues & Ethics in Biology
BIO 310/CHEM 410: Biochemistry I/II Haffa
BIO 311: Genetics Titen; Sreenivasan
BIO 320: Microbiology Kato; Haffa
BIO 330: Vertebrate Physiology Kato
BIO 340: Ecology Alexander; Bergsma
BIO 341: Evolution Bio & Pop Genetics Crandall
BIO 380: Practical Computing for Scientists Crandall
BIO 410: Bioinformatics Jue
BIO 413: Molecular Genetics Robinson
BIO 414: Molecular Cell Biology Sreenivasan
BIO 492: Course-Based Capstone Sreenivasan; Jue; Kato
BUS 201S: Macro Economics & Community Saha
BUS 203: Financial Accounting Budris
BUS 204: Business Statistics Saha
BUS 205: Managerial Accounting Schneider
BUS 206: Business Law Haselton
BUS 299: Business Analytics Fundamentals Olito-Thompson; Parmelee Garza; Mabul
BUS 300S: Business Ethics in Action Hosmer; Glenn; Kimm; Kostas; Gabard
BUS 304: Business Communication, Ethics, and Critical Thinking Wisdom; Szasz; Kostas; Carr; Parmelee Garza; Gabard; Smith
BUS 305: Principles of Management Kimm; Kehoe; Hosmer; Jones
BUS 306: Fundamentals of Marketing Carr; Wieland; Nariswari; Millson
BUS 307: Finance Zhang; Mabul; Boni
BUS 308: Information Systems for Decision Making ; Abouzahra; Sharma
BUS 309: Principles of Operations Management Fausti; Shakya; Mabul
BUS 310: Entrepreneurship DeVincenzi
BUS 312: Principles of Sustainable Hospitality Management Gonzalez
BUS 322: Integrated Marketing Communications Millson; Lin
BUS 323: Service Marketing Nariswari
BUS 330: Human Resources Management Hosmer
BUS 353: Adv Financial Management Zhang
BUS 356: Personal Financial Management & Human Resources Strategy Opperman
BUS 383/384: Intermediate Accounting I/II Chou
BUS 385: Income Tax Fundamentals Froshman
BUS 421: Marketing Research Millson
BUS 422: Professional Selling and Sales Management Wieland
BUS 430: Social Entrepreneurship Nariswari
BUS 433: Management of Nonprofit Organization Rubey
BUS 435 (NO SP19): Supply Chain Management
BUS 437: Applied Logistics for Vegetables and Fruit Shakya
BUS 454: Advanced Agribusiness Credit & Finance Schneider
BUS 469 (NO SP19): Database Management
BUS 482: Audit I (Financial Auditing) Schneider
BUS 484 (NO SP19): Advanced Accounting I
BUS 493: International Business Mabul
BUS 498: Internship
BUS 499: Strategic Management-Senior Capstone Carr
CAD 100B: Oral and Written Communication Semester 2 Galicia; Warren; Cricchio; Graff
CART 228: Cinematic History 1849-1960 Swirnoff
CART 231: Movie Mania: Music and Film Swirnoff
CART 303: Media, Power, and Society Lee
CART 329: Contemporary Media History Hoff
CART 425: Docu-Fiction Filmmaking O'Hara
CHEM 109: Introductory Chemistry Anderson
CHEM 110/L: Chemistry I/Lab Nelson; Slown; Anderson
CHEM 210: Organic Chemistry for Biologists Slown; Murphy
CHEM 211/312: Organic Chemistry I/II Murphy; Gonzalez-Samano
CHEM 320 (NO SP19): Environmental Chemistry
CHHS 212 (NO SP19): Ethics in Health Care
CHHS 300: Major ProSeminar Arevalo; Liette
CHHS 330: Collaborative Leadership & Community Building Silverthorne
CHHS 340: Collaborative Negotiation Shelby; Hungridge
CHHS 350: Ethics for Health & Human Services Raines
CHHS 396S: Junior Field Practicum Seminar SL Stinneford; Rogers; Liette
CHHS 400A/B: Senior Capstone-A/B Navarro; Osorio; Arevalo; Ibessaine; Lopez-Littleton; Rogers; Shelby; Stinneford; Judson; Saxton; McMurtrie
CHHS 445: Principles of Grantsmanship Hernandez Sanchez; Osorio; Raines; McMurtrie
CHHS 450: Introduction to Policy Analysis Shelby
CHHS 496A/B: Sr Field Pract Seminar-A/B Lopez-Littleton; Saxton; Rogers; Judson; McMurtrie; Shelby; Stinneford; Arevalo; Ibessaine; Navarro; Osorio
CST 238: Intro to Data Structures Byun
CST 273: Cyberdemocracy Cocheu; Wisdom
CST 304: Publication Design Long
CST 311: Intro to Computer Networks McCann; Satyavolu
CST 312 (NO SP19): Network Security
CST 338: Software Design Byun; Wisneski; Clinkenbeard
CST 363: Introduction to Database Systems Tao
CST 370: Design and Analysis of Algorithms Byun; Narayanan; Clinkenbeard
CST 404: Publication Workshop Long
ED 510: Providing Behavior Supports in the Classroom Wood
ED 611: Teaching and Learning
ENSTU 283: Politics & the Environment Galligan
ENVS 101: Energy and Sustainability Skardon
ENVS 282: Monterey Bay:Case Study Environment Sci & Pol Mioni; Minovitz
ENVS 284: Environment Economy & Management Galligan
ENVS 300: Critical Thinking & Communication in Environmental Science Stanfield
ENVS 315 (NO SP19): Soils and the Environment
ENVS 332: Intro to GIS/GPS ; Kvitek; Markarian
ENVS 580: Environmental and Resource Economics Skardon
FYS 146: Comp. Ethnic Experiences Lee
FYS 181: Multicultural Health Sims
FYS 183: Eat, Love, Learn Derr
GS 214: Global History I: Ancient Times to 1500 Whitney
GS 240 (NO SP19): International Relations
GS 300: Major ProSeminar Shrestha
GS 325: International Development
GS 330: World Views Poethig
GS 335: Comparative Governments and Politics
GS 339S: Sweat/Service/Solidarity SL Tran
GS 351: Introduction to Global Economics: Theory, Ethics, Applications Tran
GS 360: Relig'n/Violence/Peacemaking Poethig
GS 380S: Building an Int'l NGO Hampton
GS 385: Global Ecology Bhatti
GS 390: Global Politics Bhatti
HCOM 112: English Communication Through Global Literatures Spoto
HCOM 211: Reading Writing Critical Thinking Leatham; Swanson; Busman; Huston; Mullins; Escamilla; Fialer
HCOM 212: Dialogue and Deliberation-An Introduction de la Llata Aimé; Watson; Young
HCOM 213: Introduction to Communication Ethics Swanson
HCOM 214: Interpersonal Communication & Conflict Rodger; de la Llata Aimé
HCOM 225: Literature,Film & Culture Breen
HCOM 227: Multicultural Poetry Escamilla
HCOM 230 (NO SP19): Environ Creative Writing
HCOM 266: Histories of Democracy O'Donnell
HCOM 267: US Political Histories O'Donnell
HCOM 301: Ways Of Knowing Berteaux; Abraham
HCOM 304: Relational Ethics Gregg
HCOM 307S: Social Impact Of Mass Media SL Livie
HCOM 309: Interracial Communication Belanger; Cardoza-Kon
HCOM 310: Free Speech & Resp Makau
HCOM 312: Cooperative Argumentation-Theory and Practice Gregg; Watson; Leatham; Graham; Mullins; Lanka; Stromberg
HCOM 316: Media Ethics de la Llata Aimé
HCOM 322: Asian American Literature Graham
HCOM 327: Survey American Literature Fialer
HCOM 328: Latina Life Stories Davalos
HCOM 330: Intro Creative Writing Busman; Leatham
HCOM 338: Multicultural Adolescent Lit Fletcher
hcom 353: California At Crossroads Nguyen
HCOM 357 (NO SP19): Constitutional Law
HCOM 410 (NO SP19): Public Relations Ethics and Practices
HCOM 437: Shakespeare Spoto
HCOM 475: Senior Capstone Spoto
HDEV 260: Introduction to Child Development Verlezza
HDEV 300: Research Methods in HDFS Crossman
HDEV 305L: Fieldwork in HDFS Lopez
HDEV 310: Parenting Across Lifespan Cervantes
HDEV 315: Risk and Resiliency in Families Crossman
HDEV 340 (NO SP19): Close Relationships and Family Development Crossman
HDEV 342: Human Development, Technology and the Media Verlezza
HDEV 351: Lifespan Development: Transition and Change Cervantes; Chadwick
HDEV 355: Behavioral and Emotional Disorders of Childhood and Adolesence Weisskirch; Mark-Griffin
HDEV 356: Infancy and Early Childhood Chadwick
HDEV 358: Middle Childhood Cervantes
HDEV 365: Adolescence Weisskirch; Lopez
HDEV 371: Adulthood & Aging Kajs-Wyllie
ITAL 101/102/201: Beginning Italian I/II & Intermediate Italian I Santamaria
JAPN 101/102: Beginning Japanese I/II Saito-Abbott
JAPN 201: Intermediate Japanese I Ogaki
JAPN 305: Introduction to Japanese Culture & Civilization Wright
JAPN 310: Japanese Cinema Pham
KIN 161: Health and Well Being Rothschild; Castro; Meyer
KIN 263: Introduction to Human Sexuality Derr
KIN 280: SCUBA Diving Bonovich; Swing; Degnan
KIN 300: Major Pro-Seminar Bellumori
KIN 303: Fundamental Athletic Injury Management Howat
KIN 310: Athletic Strength & Condition Beckham; Luke
KIN 340: Personal Training Martin
KIN 346 (NO SP19): Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
KIN 360: Nutritional Science
KIN 363/L: Human Sexuality/Lab Putzka
KIN 366: Health Behavior and Promotion Morrissey
KIN 370/371: Anatomy & Physiology I/II Sevene; Edwards; Cassidy
KIN 370L: Anatomy & Physiology I Lab Cassidy
KIN 373: Health and Physical Education Luke
KIN 375: Motor Behavior Yip; Bellumori
KIN 390: Exercise Physiology Beckham; Luke; Leininger
KIN 430: Phys & Biomech Aerobic Exer Bellumori
KIN 440: Phys & Biomech Anaerobic Exer Bellumori
KIN 450: Exercise Prescription for Special Population Martin
KIN 461: Stress Management Morrissey
KIN 497/499: Senior Capstone I/II Bellumori
LING 392: Nature of Language & Language Acquisition Gage; Thao
LS 277S: Schooling in Modern Society Whang
LS 300: Major ProSeminar Escalante
LS 310: Educational Issues and the Latino Community Lopez
LS 362: Immgrnts & Equity Iss in Ed Thao
LS 380: Teaching for Social Change Lopez
LS 390: Culturally Relevant Literature for Children and Adolescents Huddleston; Escalante
LS 400: Senior Capstone Thao
MAE 634: Literacy Diverse Learners Wong
MATH 100: Quantitative Literacy Wisneski; Clinkenbeard; Lopez; Kim
MATH 115: Finite Mathematics Huerth; Potter
MATH 151: Calculus II Shereen
MATH 170: Discrete Mathematics Deka; Wisneski; Lippi
MATH 308: Elementary Math - Adv Viewpt A Lieberman; Clinkenbeard
MATH 309 (PM): Elementary Math - Adv Viewpt B Lieberman; Goyer
MATH 320: Applied Probability and Statistics Kim
MATH 370 (NO SP19): Logic & Computation
MATH 411: Modern Algebra II Hu
MPA 100 (NO SP19): Introduction to Music
MPA 220: From Gregorian Chants to Hip-Hop Pratorius
MPA 239: Contemporary Musical Theatre Farrell
MPA 301: Music for Children Farrell
MPA 306: Electronic Music Trevino
MPA 307: Audio Production Trevino
MPA 325: Video Game Music Trevino
MPA 365: Survey of Global Music Vaughan
MPA 371: Composition & Arranging II Trevino
MSCI 270: Introduction to Oceanography Martin
MSCI 350: Quantitative Marine Science Garza
MSCI 359S: Marine Science in the Community Pelc
MSCI 370: Biological-Physical Oceanography Zeidberg
MSCI 455: Marine Fish Ecology Lindholm
MSCI 545: Marine Ecological Systems Bergsma
NURS 301 (NO SP19): Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice Lurati
NURS 306: Case Management and Care Coordination Across the Lifespan Lurati
NURS 310: Healthcare Policy and Population Health Lurati
NURS 350: Healthcare Assessment within the Latino Population Perez
NURS 430: Research and Evidence-Based Practice for The Nursing Profession Erikson
NURS 499S: Community Health Nursing with Laboratory Padgett; Lurati; Barker; Edler; Lidoff
PANM 402: Intro to Nonprofit and Public Administration Lopez-Littleton
PANM 412: Public and Nonprofit Finance Rubey
PH 320: Intro to Community Health Mann; Winig; Williams
PH 407: Multicultural Health Education McMurtrie
PH 417: Global Women's Health Issues Judson
PH 487: Sexual Health Education and Training Winig
PHYS 121: Integrated Physical Science Martin
PHYS 150: Physics for Biologists Khadka
PSY 301/L: Advanced Psychological Statistics/Lab Yamashita; Matthews
PSY 302: Psychology Research Methods and Data Analysis
PSY 305: Psychological Testing and Measurement Harper; Wirick
PSY 310: Biological Psychology ; Senechal
PSY 315: Psychopharmacology Holbrook
PSY 320: Psychopathology Valdez; Sims
PSY 321/L: Clinical Psychology/Lab Lovell; Wirick
PSY 329: Health Psychology Long
PSY 330/L: Cognitive Psychology/Lab Szechter; Holbrook
PSY 331 (NO SP19): Human Memory Yamashita
PSY 333: Cognitive Neuroscience McKeon
PSY 334: Sensation & Perception Yamashita
PSY 340: Developmental Psychology Szechter; Luke
PSY 346: Cognitive Development Szechter
PSY 347: Social & Emotional Development Szechter; England-Aytes
PSY 350: Social Psychology Sinha; Sims
PSY 352: Theories of Personality England-Aytes
SBS 100: Human Biocultural Evolution Lucido
SBS 101: Introduction to Anthropology Gutierrez
SBS 113: Women and Social Change in the United States, 1890-Present Whitney
SBS 212: US Histories & Politics DeJesus-Riley
SBS 245: Native American Societies George; Whitney
SBS 252: Wrl/Reg/Geo/Cul/Soc/Sp:On-line Fuller; Lao; Lydon
SBS 300: SBS Major ProSeminar: Theory Klein
SBS 315 (NO SP19): Growth & Conflict/US to 1920
SBS 328: Social Science Theory Module Covarrubias
SBS 333/L: Forensic Anthropology/ Lab Washburn
SBS 345: Cultural Anthropology Gutierrez; Figueroa
SBS 348: Maya Civilization
SBS 355 (NO SP19): Archaeological/Thought/Americas
SBS 356: People, Places, & Environment: An Introduction to Geography Lao
SBS 362: Rsrch Mthd for SBS: Qual Emph Lewis
SBS 366/L: Research Methods for SBS: Quantitative Emphasis/Lab Lao
SBS 379: Tattoos Makeup & Burkas Lewis
SBS 385: Environmental History of California O'Donnell; Cusick; Fuller
SBS 386: Social/Pol/Hist/CA Klein
SL 200S: Power, Culture, Equity and Service Avineri; ; Sanchez
SL 491S: Topics in Civic Engage: Psychology in the Community Valdez; Lovell; Motoike; Pollack
SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology Baldwin; Figueroa
SOC 333: Sociology of Deviance Baldwin
SOC 360 (NO SP19): Population and Contemporary Issues
SPAN 101/102/201: Beginning Spanish I/ii & Intermediate Spanish I Casas-Ruiz; Strolle; Saldana; Perryman; Barbosa; Flores; Loewensen
SPAN 303: Adv Spanish Grammar Oliva
SPAN 304 (NO SP19): Intro To Hispanic Literat
SPAN 306: Culture/Civilization Spanish Latin America Gomez
SPAN 321 (NO SP19): Masterpieces of Hispanic Lit
SPAN 322: Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature: Latin America & the Caribbean Cortes
SPED 560/562: Inclusionary Practices/Curr Dvlpmt/Pref Practices Chitwood; Ferguson
SPED 585: Transition and Career Development Denti
STAT 100: Introduction to Statistics Unfried; Goyer; Jew; Lippi; Lopez
STAT 330: Sampling Design and Analysis Unfried
STAT 421: Statistical Theory II Kim
SW 310: Introduction to Social Work Cameron; Allegri; Patterson
SW 405: Social Work Practice Cameron; Shah
SW 455: Social Work with Older Adults Raines
SW 531: Generalist Practice: Community and Policy Practice Rotabi
SW Program: School Social Work Program

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