Course Reserves

Course Instructor
490 CA: Independent Study of CA Politics Hogen-Esch
AAS 100: Introduction to Asian American Studies Shrake
AAS 100-2: Introduction to Asian American Studies Staff
AAS 113AOP: Approaches to University Writing Staff
AAS 115: Approaches to University Writing Staff
AAS 201: Race, Racism, & Critical Thinking Staff
AAS 450: Asian American Child Kim
AAS 495SM: Social Movements
ACCT 220: Introduction to Financial Accounting Staff
ACCT 230: Introduction to Managerial Staff
ACCT 351COM: Communication for Accountants Staff
ACCT 351COM-2: Communication for Accountants Dosanjh
ACCT 352: Intermediate Accounting 3 Staff
ACCT 380: Cost Measurement and Analysis Staff
ACCT 440: Taxation of Business Entities and Individuals Staff
ACCT 441: Advanced Studies in Taxation Staff
ACCT 450: Advanced Financial Accounting Staff
ACCT 460: Auditing Principles Staff
AFRS 100: Introduction to Black Culture Staff
AFRS 113a: Approaches to University Writing Staff
AFRS 113b: Approaches to University Writing Staff
AFRS 114A: Approaches to University Writing Staff
AFRS 115: Approaches to University Writing Staff
AFRS 151: Freshman Speech Communication Staff
AFRS 161: American Political Institutions Broadous
AFRS 161-2: American Political Institutions Staff
AFRS 204: Race and Critical Thinking Broadous
AFRS 204-2: Race and Critical Thinking Staff
AFRS 252: Popular Culture in the Black World White
AFRS 272: African American History Since 1865 Staff
AFRS 282: African Religion for the New World Nkulu-N'Sengha
AFRS 337-2: African Americans in Film White
AFRS 361: African American Politics Stanford
AFRS 361-2: African-American Politics Staff
AFRS 367: African American Social Movements Stanford
AH 305: Art and Mass Media Lugo
AH 315: Perspectives in Art Lugo
AM 316: Engineering Dynamics Staff
AM 410: Vibration Analysis Staff
ANTH 150: The Human Adventure: Introduction to Anthropology Staff
ANTH 151: Physical Anthropology Staff
ANTH 151-2: Physical Anthropology Rougier
ANTH 152: Culture and Human Behavior Staff
ANTH 153: Introduction to Archaeology Staff
ANTH 153-2: Archaeology Snead
ANTH 153HON: Introduction to Archaeology Staff
ANTH 222: Visions of the Sacred Zane
ANTH 222-2: Visions of the Sacred Kirner
ANTH 222-3: Visions of the Sacred Staff
ANTH 262: Forensic Anthropology Liu
ANTH 302: Introduction to Applied Anthropology Kirner
ANTH 303-2: Anthropological Thought Von Mayrhauser
ANTH 308: Women, Sex Roles, and Culture Scheld
ANTH 308-2: Women, Sex Roles & Culture Siemens
ANTH 308-3: Women, Sex Roles & Culture Staff
ANTH 310: Language in Culture: Anthropological Linguistics Siemens
ANTH 310-2: Language in Culture: Anthropological Linguistics Staff
ANTH 310-3: Language in Culture: Anthropological Linguistics Von Mayrhauser
ANTH 310OL-2: Language in Culture: Anthropological Linguistics Staff
ANTH 319: Prehistoric Archaeology Staff
ANTH 341: Bones Liu
ANTH 421: Primatology: Morphology, Behavior and Social Organization Staff
ANTH 425: Culture, Health and Healing Von Mayrhauser
ANTH 427: North American Archaeology Snead
ANTH 451: Economic Anthropology Von Mayrhauser
ANTH 476E: Field Methods Snead
ANTH 601: Anthropological Thought Von Mayrhauser
ART 100: Introduction to Art Staff
ART 100-2: Introduction to Art Processes and LAB Henderson
ART 110: World Arts: The Western Tradition Staff
ART 110-2: World Art - The Western Tradition Schifman
ART 110-3: World Art - The Western Tradition Doonan
ART 112: Non-Western Art History Klemm
ART 114: World Arts: Asia Wang
ART 114-2: World Arts: Asia Staff
ART 124: Drawing I
ART 140: Beginning Two-Dimensional Design Staff
ART 140-2: Beginning Two-Dimensional Design Henderson
ART 140-3: Beginning 2-D Design Reynolds
ART 141: Beginning Three-Dimensional Design Staff
ART 151: Photography as Art Staff
ART 315: World Perspectives in Art History Staff
ART 315-2: Perspectives in Art Lugo
ART 318: 19th - 20th Century Art Ontiveros
ART 318-2: 19th and 20th Century Art Enholm
ART 328: Watercolor Vonwolffersdorff
ART 380: Introduction to Art Processes and Lab Pistolesi
ART 380-2: Introduction to Art Processes and Lab Staff
ART 380-3: Children's Art Henderson
ART 383: Art in Early Childhood and Lab Staff
ART 401: History of Native American Art Klemm
ART 412: History of Korean Art Wang
ART 413: History of Chinese Art Wang
ART 414: History of Japanese Art Staff
ART 415: History of Indian Art Wang
ART 420: History of Greek Art and Architecture Staff
ART 445: Modern Art Ontiveros
ART 448: Contemporary Art Ontiveros
ART 461: History of Graphic Art DiMarco
ART 468: Contemporary Women Artists Schifman
ART 579: Art Education Across Cultures Henderson
ART 585: Studio Problems Teaching 2-D Art and Lab Staff
ASTR 152: Elementary Astronomy Staff
ASTR 152-2: Elementary Astronomy Wallingford
ASTR 152ol: Elementary Astronomy Staff
ASTR 352: Current Developments in Astronomy Staff
ATHS 502: Seminar in Human Characteristics in Relation to Usability of Assistive Technologies Shostac
BIOL 100: Introductory Biology Staff
BIOL 100-2: Introductory Biology Van Buskirk
BIOL 100-3: Introductory Biology Metzenberg
BIOL 100L: Introductory Biology Lab Staff
BIOL 100OL: Introduction to Biology Haugen
BIOL 101: General Biology Staff
BIOL 101-2: General Biology Kopooshian
BIOL 101L: General Biology Lab Staff
BIOL 101OL: General Biology Haugen
BIOL 102CS: Biological Concepts Staff
BIOL 106: Biological Principles I Staff
BIOL 106-2: Biological Principles Robertson
BIOL 106L: Biological Principles 1 Lab Staff
BIOL 107: Biological Principles II Staff
BIOL 211: Human Anatomy Kopooshian
BIOL 211-2: Human Anatomy Staff
BIOL 212: Laboratory Studies in Human Anatomy Hertel
BIOL 212-2: Laboratory Studies in Human Anatomy Staff
BIOL 281: Human Physiology Staff
BIOL 285: Biology of Cancer Oppenheimer
BIOL 285-2: Biology of Cancer Staff
BIOL 310: Functional Human Anatomy Staff
BIOL 310/L: Functional Human Anatomy Hertel
BIOL 311/L: Comparative Anatomy Hertel
BIOL 315: Principles of Microbiology KUHN DAISY A
BIOL 315-2: Principles of Microbiology Staff
BIOL 315L: Principles of Microbiology KUHN DAISY A
BIOL 322: Evolution Staff
BIOL 325: Life in the Sea Staff
BIOL 360: Genetics Staff
BIOL 360-2: Genetics Van Buskirk
BIOL 360-3: Genetics Odom
BIOL 380: Cell Biology Staff
BIOL 415L: Mammology Staff
BIOL 419/L: Microbial Ecology KUHN DAISY A
BIOL 432: Comparative Anatomy Staff
BIOL 441: Embryology Oppenheimer
BIOL 441-2: Embryology Staff
BLAW 280: Business Law I Staff
BLAW 308: Business Law II Staff
BLAW 308-2: Business Law II Pardau
BLAW 308-3: Business Law II Mckinney
BLAW 368: Business Law Ethics Staff
BLAW 391: Women and the Law Staff
BLAW 412: Real Estate Practice Staff
BLAW 418: Real Estate Market and Development Analysis Staff
BLAW 481: Real Estate Law Avery
BLAW 508: Business Law Staff
BUS 302L: The Gateway Experience Johnson
BUS 497: Capstone Staff
BUS 497A: Strategic Management Shelton
CADV 150: Foundations of Child and Adolescent Development Wakefield
CADV 150-2: Foundations of Child and Adolescent Development Staff
CADV 150-3: Foundations of Child and Adolescent Development Huynh
CADV 310: Abuse and Neglect Staff
CADV 335: Middle Childhood Development Staff
CADV 350: Applied Cognitive Development Staff
CADV 352: Play and Human Potential Staff
CADV 352-2: Applied Social Development Huynh
CADV 380: Methods of Child and Adolescent Study Moschetti
CADV 380-2: Methods of Child and Adolescent Study Brill
CADV 380-3: Research Methods in Child and Adolescent Study Taylor
CADV 380-4: Methods of Child and Adolescent Study Temp
CADV 380-5: Methods of Child and Adolescent Study Guan
CADV 381L: Methods of Child and Adolescent Mangan
CADV 406: Enhancing Childhood Creativity Gonzalez
CADV 450: Helping Children Cope with Medical Environments Staff
CADV 451: Alternative Approaches to Discipline Scott
CADV 452: Child Advocacy Staff
CADV 460: Race, Ethnicity, Gender & Culture in Development Staff
CADV 470: Advance Theories in Development Staff
CAS 100: Introduction to Central American Studies Cortez
CAS 100-2: Introduction to Central American Studies Estrada
CAS 100-3: Introduction to Central American Studies Nibbe, R.
CAS 100-4: Introduction to Central American Studies Simonds
CAS 100-5: Introduction to Central American Studies Staff
CAS 113A: Approaches to University Writing Staff
CAS 114A-2: Approaches to University Writing Staff
CAS 115: Approaches to University Writing Staff
CCE 490: Civic and Community Engagement Baugh
CD 361: Language Develop in child Staff
CD 361-2: Language Develop in child Hall
CD 405: Phonetics Staff
CD 446: Auditory Habilitation Spayd
CD 462: Language Disorders Weber
CD 462-2: Language Disorders Staff
CD 469O: Observation in Communication Disorders Cartwright
CD 552: Language Disorders II Weber
CD 659: Neurogenic Disorders Of Cognition And Language Biel
CD 660: Structural and Neurogenic Disorders of Speech Aker
CD 660-2: Structural Organic Disorders of Speech Wilson
CD 662: Seminar in Developmental Language Weber
CD 663: Neurogenic Disorders Aker
CD 663 DL: Neurogenic Disorders Aker
CDS 462: Language Disorders Weber
CDS 552: Language Disorders II Weber
CDS 662: Seminar in Developmental Language Weber
CE 101: Introduction to Civil Engineering Staff
CE 240: Engineering Statics Staff
CE 315: Construction Engineering Ghanem
CE 335: Structures I Staff
CE 340: Strength of Materials Staff
CE 426: Soil Mechanics Staff
CE 439: Structural Steel Design Staff
CE 638: Reinforced Concrete Design Staff
CHEM 100: Principles of Chemistry Staff
CHEM 101: General Chemistry I Staff
CHEM 101-2: General Chemistry I and II Collins
CHEM 101-3: General Chemistry I and II Reichman
CHEM 102: General Chemistry II Garrett
CHEM 102-2: General Chemistry II Staff
CHEM 102-3: General Chemistry I and II Collins
CHEM 102-4: General Chemistry I and II Reichman
CHEM 235: Introduction to Organic Chemistry Charonnat
CHEM 235L: Introductory Organic Chemistry and Lab ORGANIC CHEMISTRY DVD
CHEM 333: Organic Chemistry I Staff
CHEM 333L: Organic Chemistry Lab DVDs (from LRC) ORGANIC CHEMISTRY DVD
CHEM 334: Organic Chemistry II Staff
CHEM 334L: Organic Chemistry II and Lab ORGANIC CHEMISTRY DVD
CHEM 351: Physical Chemistry I and II Collins
CHEM 352: Physical Chemistry I and II Collins
CHEM 461: Biochemistry I Staff
CHEM 461-2: Biochemistry I Vey
CHEM 462: Biochemistry II Staff
CHEM 464: Principles of Biochemistry Crowhurst
CHEM 464-2: Principles of Biochemistry Staff
CHEM 464-3: Principles of Biochemistry Vey
CHEM 465: Topics in Biochemistry Staff
CHES: Public Health Exam Materials MPH
CHIN 101: Elementary Chinese I Staff
CHS 100: Introduction to Chicano/a Culture Garcia
CHS 100-2: Chicana/o Culture Staff
CHS 100-3: Introduction to Chicano Culture Garcia
CHS 100-4: Chicana/o Culture Cruz
CHS 100-5: Introduction to Chicana/o Culture Estrada
CHS 111: Chicano and the Art Garcia
CHS 111-2: Chicano/a and the Arts Fernandez
CHS 113: Approaches to University Writing Staff
CHS 115-2: Approaches to University Writing Fuentes-Chung
CHS 151: Freshman Speech Communication Staff
CHS 202: Race and Critical Thinking Staff
CHS 245: History of the Americas Fernandez
CHS 245-2: History of the Americas Staff
CHS 306: Chicano Film Orona-Cordova
CHS 310: Regional Music of Mexico Garcia
CHS 351: Survey of Mexican Philisophical Thought Nieto
CHS 351ol: Survey of Mexican Philisophical Thought Nieto
CHS 361: Urbanization and the Chicana/o Ruiz
CHS 364: World Migration Cruz
CHS 364-2: World Migration and chicanas/os Escobar
CHS 365: Third World Women and the Chicana Pardo
CHS 380: Chicano/a Literature Staff
CHS 380OL-2: Chicano/a Literature Staff
CHS 381: Chicana Literature Estrada
CHS 430/OL: The Chicano Child Rodriguez
CHS 433: Language Acquisition Sanchez-Munoz
CHS 445: History of the Chicano Acuna
CHS 445-2: Chicana/o History Fernandez
CHS 445-3: Chicana/o History Staff
CHS 445OL: Chicana/o History Staff
CHS 500: Chicano Studies Seminar Rivera Furumoto
CHS 560: Seminar in Chicana/o Politics Garcia
CIT 101: CIT Fundamentals Staff
CJS 320: Introduction to Criminal Law and Legal Analysis Staff
CJS 326: Victimology Staff
CJS 340: Ethics in Criminal Justice Staff
CJS 350: Criminology Staff
CJS 418: Gender and Crime Staff
CLAS 101L: Elementary Latin Lye
CLAS 315: Greek and Roman Mythology Staff
CLAS 315-2: Greek and Roman Mythology McDermott
CMT 310: Construction Estimating Ghanem
CMT 312: Project Cost Control, Planning and Scheduling Ghanem
CMT 336: Construction Management Technology Staff
CMT 488 A/B: Civil Senior Design I & II Ghanem
COMP 100: Technology in Action Parakhovnik, L.
COMP 100-2: Technology in Action Staff
COMP 100-3: Computers: Their Impact and Use Parker
COMP 108: Computer Science Orientation Staff
COMP 110: Introduction to Algorithms and Programming Staff
COMP 182: Data Structures and Program Design Staff
COMP 182-2: Data Structures and Program Design Covington
COMP 182-3: Data Structures and Program Design Pham
COMP 222: Introduction to Operating Systems Wirtz, S.
COMP 282: Advanced Data Structures Staff
COMP 310: Automata, Languages and Computation Staff
COMS 150: Introduction to Communication Studies Staff
COMS 151: Fundamentals of Public Speaking Sampson
COMS 151-2: Fundamentals of Public Speaking Staff
COMS 151-3: Fundamentals of Public Speaking Ruh
COMS 301: Language, Performance and Cultural Studies Holman Jones
COMS 303: Narrative in Performance Artin
COMS 309: Advanced Public Speaking Paramonova
COMS 309-2: Advanced Public Speaking Staff
COMS 321: Rhetoric Discourse Staff
COMS 321-2: Rhetoric Discourse Paramonova
COMS 323: Group Communication Paramonova
COMS 323-2: Group Communication Swett
COMS 323-3: Group Communication Staff
COMS 327: Rhetorical Theory Staff
COMS 350: Nonverbal Communication Staff
COMS 351: Communication Theory Lemus
COMS 351-2: Communication Theories Staff
COMS 351-3: Communication Theory Ghaznavi
COMS 356: Intercultural Communication Staff
COMS 356-2: Intercultural Communication Sorrells
COMS 356-3: Intercultural Communication Swett
COMS 356-4: Intercultural Communication Sampson
COMS 360: Communication and the Sexes Staff
COMS 360-2: Communication and the Sexes Swett
COMS 430: Rhetorical Criticism Marston
COMS 440: Communication Studies Carrillo Rowe
COMS 445: Communication and Popular Culture Staff
COMS 452: Training and Development Staff
COMS 453: Organizational Communication Sampson
CTVA 100: Introduction to Mass Communication Arts Staff
CTVA 210: Television - Film Aesthetics Staff
CTVA 210-2: Television-Film Aesthetics Halloran
CTVA 210-3: Television - Film Aesthetics Desser
CTVA 220: Foundations of Media Writing Staff
CTVA 240: Fundamentals of Video Production Staff
CTVA 301: Design of the Media Message Staff
CTVA 309: Film As Literature Krasilovsky
CTVA 309-2: Film as Literature Wynter
CTVA 309-3: Film As Literature Staff
CTVA 309-4: Film as Literature de las Carreras
CTVA 309-6: Film As Literature Soumah
CTVA 310: History of American Film Halloran
CTVA 319: Criticism and Theory Cinema-TV Soumah
CTVA 319-2: Criticism and Theory Cinema-TV Staff
CTVA 320: Writing For Film And Television Krasilovsky
CTVA 350: Film Directing Wynter
CTVA 362: Corporate and Instructional Media Staff
CTVA 362-2: Corporate and Instructional Media Luna
CTVA 362-3: Corporate and Instructional Media Kaplowitz
CTVA 400: Media and Society Soumah
CTVA 410: Advanced Film Theory Soumah
CTVA 412: Classic Filmmakers Soumah
CTVA 412-2: Classic Filmmakers Wynter
CTVA 413: Women As Filmmakers Krasilovsky
CTVA 415: International Cinema Survey Soumah
CTVA 415F: International Cinema Krasilovsky
CTVA 415f: International Cinema Survey Soumah
CTVA 415s: International Cinema Survey Soumah
CTVA 416: Documentary Tradition de las Carreras
CTVA 420: Screenplay Adaptation Krasilovsky
CTVA 425: Advanced Screenwriting Krasilovsky
CTVA 481: Network Practices Staff
CTVA 487: Regulations of Electronic Media Staff
CTVA 500: Film History and Criticism Gateward
DEAF 160: American Sign Language I Staff
DEAF 161: American Sign Language II Staff
DEAF 200: Introducation to Deaf Study Staff
DEAF 400: Deaf and Hearing People Staff
DEAF 406: The Deaf Learner Firkins
ECE 101: Introduction to Electrical Engineering Staff
ECE 101-2: Introduction to Electrical Engineering Valdovinos
ECE 240: Electrical Engineering Fundamentals Radmanesh
ECE 240-2: Electrical Engineering Fundamentals Staff
ECE 320: Theory of Digital Systems Staff
ECE 340: Electronics I Staff
ECE 340-2: Electronics I Mallard
ECE 350: Linear Systems I Staff
ECE 370: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I Radmanesh
ECE 370-2: Fields & Waves Staff
ECE 422: Design of Digital Computers Roosta
ECE 440: Electronics II and Lab Mallard
ECE 442: Digital Electronics and Lab Mallard
ECE 450: Probabilistic Systems in Electrical Engineering-Design and Analysis Staff
ECE 545: Solid State Devices Radmanesh
ECE 571: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves II Radmanesh
ECE 572: RF and Microwave Circuit Design Radmanesh
ECE 578: Photonics Radmanesh
ECE 624: Digital Systems Design Automation and VHDL Modeling Roosta
ECE 671: Microwave Engineering Radmanesh
ECE 672: Advanced Microwave Circuit Design Radmanesh
ECE 673: Microwave Semiconductor Devices Radmanesh
ECON 160: Principles of Microeconomics Staff
ECON 161: Principles of Macroeconomics Staff
ECON 175: Introduction to U.S. Economic History Staff
ECON 175-2: Introduction to U.S. Economic History Virts
ECON 307: Marketing Economics Staff
ECON 308: Economics for Managers Staff
ECON 309: Use and Interpretation of Economic Data Halcoussis
ECON 310: The Use and Interpretation of Economic Data Staff
ECON 311: Money and Banking Staff
ECON 311-2: Money and Banking Nadenichek
ECON 320: Labor Economics Fractor
ECON 365: Law & Economics Staff
ECON 370: Economic Development Krol
ECON 401: Macroeconomic Theory Staff
ECON 412: Seminar in Economic Thought Lowenberg
ECON 433: Public Economics Lowenberg
EDUC 201: Raise your GPA Theresa- Schechtel
EDUC 296: Raise GPA Montes, J.
EED 472: Mathematics Methods - Elementary School O'Rode
EED 472-3: Math Methods (elementary) Rood
EED 477a: Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners Ziolkowska
EED 477A: Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners Staff
EED 477a-2: Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners Gordon
EED 477B: Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learner Cota
EED 520: Teaching Reading in the Elementary School Ziolkowska
EED 520-2: Teaching Reading in the Elementary School Gordon
EED 520-3: Teaching Reading in the Elementary School Staff
EED 565M: Mathematics Methods - Elementary School O'Rode
EED 565M-2: Mathematics Methods - Elementary School Staff
EED 565s: Science Curriculum Method Sartin
EED 575: Integrated Social Studies and Arts Curriculum and Methods Burstein
EED 577: Language Arts and ESL Instruction Cota
ELPS 417: Equity and Diversity in Schools Su, Z.
ELPS 670: Seminar in Public Policy: Issues in Educational Administration Friedel, J.
ELPS 676: School-Community Relations Auerbach
ELPS 682: Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction Montante
ELPS 710: Curricular and Instructional Leadership for Systemic Reform Durdella
ENGL 098: Developmental Writing Staff
ENGL 113-2: Approaches to University Writing Staff
ENGL 113-3: Approaches to University Writing Lee
ENGL 113A: Freshman Composition Staff
ENGL 113A-2: Freshman Composition Ditch
ENGL 113B: Approaches to University Writing Cross
ENGL 113B-2: Approaches to University Writing Staff
ENGL 113B-3: Approaches to Academic Writing Clements
ENGL 114: Approaches to University Writing Lee
ENGL 114A: Approaches to University Writing Staff
ENGL 114A- 4: Approaches to University Writing Fuentes-Chung
ENGL 114B: University Writing Staff
ENGL 114B -2: University Writing Fuentes-Chung
ENGL 115: Approaches to University Writing Staff
ENGL 115-2: Approaches to University Writing Fuentes-Chung
ENGL 115-5: Approaches to University Writing Lee
ENGL 155: Freshman Composition Staff
ENGL 155-2: Freshman Composition Chainee, C.
ENGL 155-3: Freshman Composition Driussi, G.
ENGL 160: Cultural Studies Staff
ENGL 205: Business Communication Staff
ENGL 205-2: Business Communication Sarig
ENGL 205-3: Business Communication in Rhetorical Contexts Wells
ENGL 205-4: Business Communication Meisel
ENGL 205OL: Business Communications Staff
ENGL 205OL-2: Business Communication in Rhetorical Contexts Wells
ENGL 208: Introduction to Creative Writing Staff
ENGL 255: Introduction to Literature Tripp
ENGL 255-2: Introduction to Literature Riccomini
ENGL 258: Major English Writers Staff
ENGL 259: Majar English Writers II Byler
ENGL 300: Contemporary Literature Staff
ENGL 300-1: Contemporary Literature Chacon
ENGL 301: Introduction to language and linguistics Staff
ENGL 302: Introduction to Modern Grammar Mathis
ENGL 305: Intermediate Expository Writing Slobod
ENGL 305-2: Intermediate Expository Writing Tripp
ENGL 305-3: Intermediate Expository Writing Staff
ENGL 306: Report Writing Staff
ENGL 306-2: Report Writing Bieber
ENGL 311: History of African American Writing Staff
ENGL 312: Literature and Film Staff
ENGL 313: Popular Culture Hatfield
ENGL 313-3: Studies in Popular Culture Staff
ENGL 333: Comics and Graphic Novels Staff
ENGL 333-2: Comics and Graphic Novels Hatfield
ENGL 364: The Short Story Swenson
ENGL 408: Advanced Narrative Writing Houghton
ENGL 412: Literary Magazine Houghton
ENGL 428: Children's Literature Hatfield
ENGL 428-2: Children's Literature Stallcup
ENGL 436: Major Critical Theories
ENGL 460: The Victorian Age Byler
ENGL 604: Seminar in Language and Linguistics Mcclave
ENGL 604-2: Seminar in Language and Linguistics Klein
EOH 101: Introduction to Environmental Health Staff
EOH 101-2: Essentials of Environmental Health LaCroix
EOH 352: Environmental & Occupational Health Seiver
EOH 353: Environmental Heath Staff
EOH 456: Fundamentals of Toxicology Machado
EOH 457: Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Oillataguerre
EOH 554: Environmental Health Problems Staff
EOH 554-2: Environmental Health Problems Miller, D.
EOH 560: Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology Sullivan
EOH 595RA: Advanced Risk Analysis Sullivan
EPC: EPC Staff
EPC 314: Educational Psychology Foundation Bernard
EPC 314-2: Psychological Foundations Staff
EPC 314-3: Psychology of Teaching and Learning Stohl, E.
EPC 314-4: Psychological Foundations of Learning and Teaching Casterline
EPC 315: Psychological Foundations of Teaching & Learning Stohl, E.
EPC 315-2: Psychological Foundations of Teaching & Learning Staff
EPC 315-3: Psychological Foundations of Learning and Teaching Casterline
EPC 420: Educational Psychology of Adolescence Staff
EPC 420-2: Educational Psychology of Adolescence
EPC 430: Development and Learning in Early Childhood Leon
EPC 430-2: Development and Learning in Early Childhood Staff
EPC 451: Introduction to Counseling Staff
EPC 500: Fundamentals of Teaching Stohl, E.
EPC 500-2: Fundamentals of Teaching Staff
EPC 603: Clinical Research and Program Evaluation Staff
EPC 622: American College Student and Campus Environment Hammond
EPC 643: Diversity in Counseling Williams
EPC 643-2: Diversity in Counseling Stone
EPC 656: Child Counseling Schwedes
EPC 657A: Career Theory Simon, M.
EPC 659A: Practicum in Counseling Hanson
EPC 659AB: Counseling Practicum: Communication Skills Ellis
EPC 659JC: Fieldwork in College Counseling Simon, M.
EPC 659KC: Fieldwork in College Counseling Simon, M.
EPC 660: Adult Career Development Simon, M.
EPC 664: Neuro-developmental, Emotional and Behavior Disorders Staff
EPC 670C: Psychoeducational and Process Groups in Family Therapy Staff
EPC 671: Law & Ethics Simon, M.
EPC 698c: Master's Degree Culminating Experience for College Counseling Students Simon, M.
FCS 113: Drafting for Interior Design Staff
FCS 160: Introductory Textiles Staff
FCS 170: Creative Expression in Family Environmental Sciences Staff
FCS 201: Introductory Food Science Holman Jones
FCS 201-2: Introductory Food Science Staff
FCS 201-3: Introduction to Food Science / Lab Little
FCS 201L: Introductory Food Science Holman Jones
FCS 201L-2: Introduction to Food Science / Lab Little
FCS 207: Nutrition for Life Staff
FCS 232-2: Indvidual and Family Development Staff
FCS 234: Child, Family, and Community Harrel-Smith
FCS 234-2: Child, Family, and Community Keating
FCS 234-3: Child, Family, and Community Brusasco
FCS 301: Food Science and Technology Staff
FCS 302: Food Product Development and Quality Assurance Staff
FCS 304: Quantity Food Production Holman Jones
FCS 320: Family Resource Management Staff
FCS 323: Family and Individual Money Management Bradley
FCS 323-2: Family and Individual Money Management Staff
FCS 324: Consumer Rights and Issues Staff
FCS 330: Child Development Keating
FCS 330-2: Child Growth and Development I Staff
FCS 330-3: Child Growth & Development I Gray
FCS 330-4: Child Growth and Development I Brusasco
FCS 335: Prenatal, Infant Development Keating
FCS 340: Marriage and Family Relations Hatkoff
FCS 340-2: Marriage and Family Relations Macdonald
FCS 340-3: Marriage & the Family Giordano
FCS 340-4: Marriage and Family Relations Staff
FCS 340-5: Marriage and Family Relations Oliva
FCS 340-6: Marriage and Family Relations Lucero-Liu
FCS 340-7: Marriage and Family Relations Brusasco
FCS 340-8: Marriage and Family Relations Williams
FCS 340OL: Marriage and Family Relations Staff
FCS 360: Textiles
FCS 380: Family Environmental Sciences Foundations And Research Lewis-Goldstein
FCS 380-2: Foundations and Research in Family and Consumer Sciences Matthews
FCS 380-4: Family and Consumer Sciences Foundations and Research Mimura
FCS 401: Food and Chemistry Analysis Ellis
FCS 401L: Food and Chemistry Analysis Ellis
FCS 408: Community Nutrition Staff
FCS 431: Child and Family Assessment Keating
FCS 431-2: Child and Family Assessment Staff
FCS 432: Family Theories Giordano
FCS 432-2: Family Theories Staff
FCS 432-3: Family Theories Brusasco
FCS 441: Human Sexuality Macdonald
FCS 455L: Fashion Merchandising Lab Cho
FCS 485: Family Resiliency Staff
FCS 485-2: Family Resiliency Brusasco
FCS 485-3: Family Resiliency Giordano
FCS 494: FCS Internship - PNC Lisagor
FCS 535: Theory Appl Adm Staff
FCS 606: Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism Staff
FCS 608: Grad Sports Nutrition Lisagor
FCS 608-2: Sports Nutrtion Staff
FCS 681: Research Methods Mimura
FIN 102: Financial Literacy Staff
FIN 302: Personal Finance Staff
FIN 303: Financial Management Staff
FIN 303BH: Financial Management Staff
FIN 303OL: Financial Management Staff
FIN 336: Principles of Insurance Russell
FIN 338: Real Estate Principles Avery
FIN 338-2: Principles of Real Estate Staff
FIN 352: Investments I Dow
FIN 352-2: Investments Staff
FIN 352-3: Investments Chang
FIN 355: Corporate Finance I Petry
FIN 431: Risk Management Russell
FIN 434: Life and Health Insurance Chang
FREN 101: Elementary French I Staff
GEOG 101: The Physical Environment Dittmer
GEOG 101-2: The Physical Environment Staff
GEOG 101OL: The Physical Environment Staff
GEOG 102: Physical Environment Lab Staff
GEOG 102OL: Physical Environment Online Lab Staff
GEOG 103: Weather Dittmer
GEOG 103-2: Weather/ Weather Lab Staff
GEOG 103-3: Weather Giraldo
GEOG 105: Weather/ Weather Lab Staff
GEOG 105-2: Weather Giraldo
GEOG 107: Introduction to Human Geography Staff
GEOG 150: World Geography Schwartz, G.J.
GEOG 150-2: World Geography Staff
GEOG 301: Cultural Geography Staff
GEOG 321: Geography of the U.S. Craine
GEOG 326: Geography of Africa Craine
GEOG 330: California Geography Dittmer
GEOG 330-2: California Geography Staff
GEOG 334: Geography Oceania Craine
GEOG 417: California for Educators Dittmer
GEOL 101: Geology of Planet Earth Staff
GEOL 101-2: Geology of Planet Earth Heermance
GEOL 101-3: Geology of Planet Earth Weeraratne
GEOL 101-4: Geology of Planet Earth McBurnett
GEOL 102: Geology of Planet Earth Lab Staff
GEOL 110: Life Through Time Staff
GEOL 122: The World Ocean Staff
GEOL 300: Environmental Geology Staff
GWS 100: Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies Manoff
GWS 100-2: Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies Staff
GWS 100-3: Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies Kouri
GWS 110: Women, Work and Family Manoff
GWS 300: Women as Agents of Change Manoff
GWS 300-2: Women as Agents of Change Tohidi
GWS 340: Women and Gender in Global Development Tohidi
GWS 350-2: Gender, Race, Class & Sexuality Staff
GWS 351-2: Intersections of Race, Class, and Sexuality Staff
GWS 420: Women and Gender in Islamic Societies Tohidi
HIST 110: World History to 1500 Staff
HIST 111: World Histroy Since 1500 Staff
HIST 150: Western Civilization I Staff
HIST 150-2: Western Civilization I Cleve
HIST 151: Western Civilizations II Staff
HIST 161: Latin America Survey Staff
HIST 185: Civilization of the Middle East Staff
HIST 185-2: Civilization of the Middle East Howes
HIST 270: US History to 1865 Staff
HIST 270-2: History of the United States to 1865 Traviolia
HIST 271: The United States Since 1865 Reynolds
HIST 271-2: The United States Since 1865 Staff
HIST 271-3: U.S. History from 1865 Ward
HIST 301: Historian's Craft Yamane
HIST 305: Cultural History of the U.S. Yamane
HIST 370: U.S. History Until 1865 Staff
HIST 370-2: Problems in United States History to 1865 Traviolia
HIST 371: American History, 1865 to Present Staff
HIST 371-2: U.S. History from 1865 Ward
HIST 424: Medieval Middle East Howes
HIST 441: History of World War II Staff
HIST 488: California Staff
HIST 497: Proseminar Howes
HIST 596WR: Wars of the Roses Oliver
HSCI 131: Health and Society Staff
HSCI 132: History of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Maida
HSCI 170: Emergency Health Procedures Staff
HSCI 231: Women and Health Staff
HSCI 307: HSCI 307 NURSING Videos
HSCI 307/L: HSCI 307/L Taylor, W
HSCI 307 L: HSCI 307 L Dahlstrom
HSCI 312: Introduction to Health Administration Staff
HSCI 312-2: Introduction to Health Administration Reagan
HSCI 313: Health Administration and Public Health Staff
HSCI 331: Introduction to Health Education Staff
HSCI 335: Holistic Health Kim, Joo
HSCI 336: Health Aspects of Drug Use Staff
HSCI 336-2: Health Aspects of Drug Use Maida
HSCI 337: Nutrition and Health Staff
HSCI 337-2: Nutrition and Health Forman
HSCI 345: Public Health Issues Staff
HSCI 365LS: Health Education & Middle School Applications Sferra
HSCI 365LS-2: Health Education & Middle School Applications Staff
HSCI 390: Biostatistics Staff
HSCI 390-2: Introduction to Biostatistics O'Keefe, K.
HSCI 396HS: Health Education Staff
HSCI 412: Medical Care Organizations in U.S. Bhavsar
HSCI 414: Health Law Hearn
HSCI 414-2: Health Law Staff
HSCI 414-3: Health Law Jackson
HSCI 416: Utilization of Professional and Allied Health Personnel Staff
HSCI 422: Health Services for the Elderly and Mentally Ill Chung
HSCI 425: Healthcare Finance Esparza
HSCI 425-2: Healthcare Finance Staff
HSCI 428: HSCI 428 Harmon, M
HSCI 428L: HSCI 428L Harmon, M
HSCI 431: Health Behavior Staff
HSCI 431-2: Health Behavior Theory Rainisch
HSCI 434: Lactation Education Efrat
HSCI 434-2: Lactation Education Staff
HSCI 435: HSCI 435 Staff
HSCI 437: Strategies for Making Health Decisions Staff
HSCI 441: Community Health Education Staff
HSCI 445: Community Health Education Staff
HSCI 465ELM: HSCI 465ELM Staff
HSCI 488: Epidemiology Staff
HSCI 488-2: Epidemiology: Introduction to Study of Disease O'Keefe, K.
HSCI 496TH: HSCI 496TH Staff
HSCI 531: Health Program Planning & Evaluation Staff
HSCI 618: Strategic Planning in Health Administration Esparza
HUM 101: Form and Ideas in Humanities Tropf, R.
HUM 101-2: Forms and Ideas in Humanities Staff
HUM 101-3: Form and Ideas in Humanities Kollmeyer Gerfen
HUM 101-4: Form and Ideas in Humanities Taylor, N.
HUM 101L: Form and Ideas in Humanities Staff
HUM 105: HUM 105 Lee, D.
HUM 391: Cultural Theories and Methodologies: Ecocritical Approaches to World Literatures Walsh
HUM 391-01: Cultural Theories and Methodologies Walsh
HUMA 501: Gateway to the Humanities Von Mayrhauser
HUMA 530: Family and Life Cycle Baxter
IEP 981: IEP 981 IEP: Intensive English Program
IS 312: Information Systems for Business Staff
IS 435: Business Date Communications and Networking Ye, L.
JAPN 101: Elementary Japanese I & II Staff
JAPN 102: Elementary Japanese I & II Staff
JOUR 100-2: Introduction to Mass Communication Eisenstock
JOUR 110: Writing, Reporting, and Ethics I Staff
JOUR 210: Writing, Reporting, and Ethics II Staff
JOUR 210-2: Writing, Reporting, and Ethics II Bluestein
JOUR 340: Principles of Public Relations Staff
JOUR 371: Women, Men, & Media Eisenstock
JOUR 372: Diversity and the Media Eisenstock
JOUR 374SLJ: Spanish-language News Environment Retis-Rivas
JOUR 400: Mass Communication Law and Ethics Staff
JOUR 400-2: Mass Communication Law Martinez, E.
JS 200/OL: Introduction to Judaism Paskow
JS 300: Humanities in Ancient and Medieval Jewish Society Paskow
KIN 135A: Dance Aerobics Lenhart, R.
KIN 147: Pilates Lenhart, R.
KIN 149: Yoga Lenhart, R.
KIN 200: Foundations of Kinesiology Staff
KIN 200-2: Introduction to Kinesiology Rohrer
KIN 201: Movement Forms: Exercise Staff
KIN 300: Fundamental Analysis of Human Movement Staff
KIN 305: Historical and Philosophical Bases of Kinesiology McLaughlin
KIN 305-2: Historical and Philosophical Bases of Kinesiology Staff
KIN 305OL: Historical and Philosophical Bases of Kinesiology Staff
KIN 306: Socio-Psychological Settings for Physical Activity Staff
KIN 306-2: Socio-Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity Galli
KIN 310: Visualization in Sport Galli
KIN 314: Creative Dance for Children Barnes
KIN 325: Motor Development Staff
KIN 329: Motor Control and Learning Staff
KIN 337: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Staff
KIN 345: Biomechanics Staff
KIN 346: Exercise Physiology Staff
KIN 346-2: Exercise Physiology Henige
KIN 371: KIN 371 Staff
KIN 417: Theoretical & Technical Aspects of Resistance Training Staff
KIN 417-2: Theoritical & Technical Aspect of Resistance Training Henige
KIN 417L: Theoretical & Technical Aspects of Resistance Training Staff
KIN 417L-2: Theoretical & Techincal Aspects of Resistance Training Henige
KIN 445: Quantitative Biomechanics Staff
KIN 470: Physical Education for Children Barnes
KIN 470-2: Physical Education for Children Staff
KIN 476: Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury Staff
KIN 477: Motor Development Staff
KIN 478: KIN 478 Staff
LING 200: (How) Language Matters Mathis
LING 250: Language(s) in California Hagstrom
LING 310: Language and the Law Scholten
LING 402: Phonetics and Phonology Scholten
LING 403: Morphology Kleinman
LING 403-2: Introduction to Morphology Klein
LING 404: Morphology & Syntax Klein
LING 408: Semantics and Pragmatics Hagstrom
LING 417: Language Development and Acquisition Snyder
LING 417-2: Language Development Hagstrom
LING 503: Seminar in Cognitive Linguistics Mcclave
LING 505: Seminar in Discourse Analysis Mcclave
LRS 100: Liberal Studies Seminar Ziolkowska
MATH 104: Trigonometry Staff
MATH 105: Precalculus Staff
MATH 131: Mathematical Ideas Marchisotto
MATH 131-2: Mathematical Ideas Staff
MATH 140: Introductory Statistics Staff
MATH 140-2: Statistics Zakeri
MATH 150: Calculus Staff
MATH 150A: Calculus Staff
MATH 150B: Calculus Staff
MATH 210-2: Basic Number Concepts Staff
MATH 250: Calculus Staff
MATH 255A: Calculus for the Life Sciences Staff
MATH 255B: Calculus for the Life Sciences Staff
MATH 280: Applied Differential Equations Staff
MATH 310-2: Basic Concepts of Geometry, Probability and Statistics Staff
MATH 331: Mathematical Explorations Marchisotto
MATH 340: Introductory Probability Staff
MATH 482: Combinatorial Algorithms Henderson, J.
MCHES: Public Health Exam Materials MPH
MCOM 600: Seminar in Research Methods Staff
ME 101: Introduction To Mechanical Engineering Staff
ME 286: Mechanical Engineering Design Staff
ME 370: Thermodynamics Staff
ME 370-2: Thermodynamics Amar
ME 375: Heat Transfer Staff
ME 384: System Dynamics Staff
ME 386/L-2: Computer-Aided Analysis and Design and Lab Staff
ME 390: Fluid Mechanics Staff
ME 470: Thermodynamics Staff
ME 470-2: Thermodynamics Amar
ME 490: Fluid Mechanics Staff
ME 493: Hydraulics Staff
ME 697: Directed Comprehensive Studies Kabo
MGT 360: Management and Organizational Behavior Smith, W.
MGT 360-2: Management and Organizational Behavior Staff
MGT 360-3: Management and Organizational Behavior Fox
MGT 370: Management Skills Development Staff
MGT 380: Employment Practices Staff
MGT 450: Organization Change & Development Staff
MGT 454: Leadership Power & Politics Staff
MGT 460: Strategic Human Resources Management Staff
MGT 464: International Business Management Staff
MGT 491: Field Studies in Executive Leadership Shelton
MGT 497A: Strategic management Smith
MGT 635: Human Resources Practices Ronen
MKT 100: Concepts of American Enterprise Staff
MKT 100-2: Foundations of American Enterprises Khosravi, M.
MKT 304: Marketing Management Staff
MKT 304-2: Introduction to Marketing Gosselin
MKT 304-3: Marketing Management Samaha
MKT 346: Market Research Dommeyer
MKT 346-2: Marketing Research Staff
MKT 346-3: Marketing Research Shulman
MKT 348: Consumer Behavior Staff
MKT 348-2: Consumer Behavior Shulman
MPA 610: Public Administration and its Environment Michaud
MPA 620: Research Methods for Public Administration Staff
MPA 622A: Policy Implementation and Program Evaluation Kappas
MPA 650: Public Policy Ricks
MPH: Public Health Exam Materials MPH
MSE 101: Introduction to Engineering Staff
MSE 101L: Introduction to Engineering Staff
MSE 227: Engineering Materials Staff
MSE 227-2: Engineering Materials Conner
MSE 302: Women in Math Science & Engineering Lavassani
MSE 304: Engineering Economic Analysis Staff
MSE 407: Production System Staff
MTK 348: Consumer Behavior Beruchashvili
MUS 107: Music Today Pozzi
MUS 227/327: Japanese Taiko Drumming Ensemble/ Percussion Instruments Mankey
MUS 306: Introduction to Jazz Pozzi
MUS 361: Music literature for children Schliff
MUS 603C: Seminar in Musicology Monchick
NURS 303: Introduction to Professional Practice Christensen
NURS 428: Community Health Nursing Harmon
NURS 428L: Community and Population Health Nursing and Lab Harmon, M
ov: test
PHIL 100: General Logic Staff
PHIL 150: Introduction to Philosophical Thought Staff
PHIL 200: Critical Reasoning Brandon, D
PHIL 200-2: Critical Reasoning Staff
PHIL 200-3: Critical Reasoning Birmingham
PHIL 200HON: Critical Reasoning Staff
PHIL 210: Reasoning in the Sciences Birmingham
PHIL 230: Introducation to Formal Logic Staff
PHIL 305: Business Ethics Tregenza
PHIL 305-2: Business Ethics Staff
PHIL 305-3: Business Ethics Hilton, L.
PHIL 305OL: Business Ethics Staff
PHYS 100A: General Physics Staff
PHYS 100B: General Physics Staff
PHYS 220A: Mechanics Staff
PHYS 220B: Electric & Magnetism Staff
PHYS 375: Quantum Mechanics Doty
PHYS 466: Experimental Physics Doty
POLS 155: American Political Institutions Staff
POLS 155OL: American Political Institutions Staff
POLS 156: Introduction to Comparative Politics Staff
POLS 225: Elements of International Relations Staff
POLS 310: Problems in Political Economics Bayes
POLS 321: Comparative Political Ideologies Staff
POLS 332: Politics of Latin America Staff
POLS 350: Great Political Questions Wallis, W.
POLS 355: American National, State, and Local Government Staff
POLS 360: Public Administration Kappas
POLS 361: Introduction to Public Policy Kappas
POLS 372: Research Methods in Political Science Cole
POLS 372-2: Research Methods in Political Science Staff
POLS 372-3: Principles and Methods of Political Science Kappas
POLS 380: Los Angeles Past Present and Future Kent
POLS 406: Fundamentals of Policy Analysis Kappas
POLS 438: Governement & Politics of Middle East Nabulsi
POLS 460: Public Policy: Welfare Kappas
POLS 471E: Proseminar Ricks
POLS 471E-2: Proseminar in Public Administration and Policy Kappas
PSY: PSY Staff
PSY 150: Introduction to Psychology Gardner
PSY 150-2: Principles of Human Behavior Hamer
PSY 150-3: Principles of Human Behavior Staff
PSY 150-4: Principles of Psychology Elias
PSY 150-5: Introductory Psychology Brogdon
PSY 150-6: Introduction to Psychology Kang
PSY 150-7: Introduction to Psychology Shiffrar
PSY 150-8: Psychology Temp
PSY 250: Physiological Correlates Human Behavior Staff
PSY 250-2: Physiological Correlates Human Behavior Lucero-Wagoner
PSY 250-3: Physiological Correlates Human Behavior Blum
PSY 310: Behavior Disorders Sergi
PSY 310-2: Behavior Disorders Blum
PSY 310-3: Behavior Disorders Hamer
PSY 310-4: Behavior Disorders Staff
PSY 310-5: Abnormal Psychology Berzenski
PSY 310-6: Abnormal Psychology Staff
PSY 310-7: Abnormal Psychology Mitrushina
PSY 312: Psychology of Parenting Staff
PSY 312-2: Psychological Aspects of Parenting Blum
PSY 313: Developmental Psychology Staff
PSY 313-2: Developmental Psychology Mahmud
PSY 313-3: Developmental psychology Brogdon
PSY 313-4: Developmental Psychology Blum
PSY 313-5: Developmental Psychology Banerjee
PSY 313-6: Developmental Psychology Tonyan
PSY 320: Statistics Perser, M.
PSY 320-2: Statistics Staff
PSY 320-3: Statistical Methods in Psychological Research Berzenski
PSY 321: Experimental Psychology Graham
PSY 321-2: Research Methods in Psychology Grant
PSY 321-3: Experimental Psychology Staff
PSY 321-4: Research Methods in Psychology Kang, S.
PSY 321-5: Research Methods Drew
PSY 327: Infancy to Early Childhood Staff
PSY 327-2: Infancy to Early Childhood Banerjee
PSY 345: Social Psychology Mcauliff
PSY 345-2: Social Psychology Staff
PSY 345-3: Social Psychology Lough
PSY 345-4: Social Psychology Sadeh
PSY 351: Behavioral Psychology & Therapy Fahmie
PSY 351-2: Behavioral Psychology & Therapy Staff
PSY 352: Motivation Elias
PSY 352-2: Motivation Staff
PSY 352-3: Motivation Lough
PSY 352-4: Motivation Hamer
PSY 352-5: Motivation Kang
PSY 356: Industrial & Organizational Psychology Hamer
PSY 356-2: Industrial & Organizational Psychology Staff
PSY 361: Adolescence Hamer
PSY 361-2: Adolescence Blum
PSY 365: Introduction to Gerontology Staff
PSY 365-2: Introduction to Gerontology Lough
PSY 367: Cognitive Psychology Staff
PSY 367-2: Cognitive Psychology Kramarova
PSY 369: Applied Cognition Staff
PSY 369-2: Cognitive Psychology Kramarova
PSY 383: Interpersonal Competence and Group Dynamics Blum
PSY 427: Psychological Testing Staff
PSY 453: Human Sexuality Staff
PSY 454: Clinical Psychology Staff
PSY 455: Ethics Brogdon, G.
PSY 460: Counseling and Interviewing Hamer
PSY 460-2: Counseling and Interviewing Staff
PSY 473: Advanced Inquiry in Behavioral Neuroscience Mitrushina
PSY 473-2: Advanced Inquiry in Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 479SE: Advanced Social Psychology: Sport and Exercise Staff
PSY 485: Advanced Inquiry in Research Staff
PSY 496RL: Object Relations, Attachment & Theories of Romantic Love Hamer
PSY 557: Behavior Change Procedures and Systems Support Staff
PSY 610A: PSY 610A Staff
PSY 629: Clinical Behavioral Analysis Staff
Public Health: Public Health Exam Materials MPH
QS 115: Approaches to University Writing Staff
QS 115-2: Approaches to University Writing Sabaiz-Birdsill
RS 100: Introduction to Religious Studies Wilkerson
RS 100-2: Introduction to Religious Studies Findlay
RS 100-3: Introduction to Religious Studies Staff
RS 100-4: Introduction to Religious Studies White
RS 100-5: Introduction to Religious Studies O'Donnell
RS 101: The Bible Findlay
RS 101-2: The Bible Staff
RS 101-3: The Bible Goodfriend
RS 150: World Religions Nkulu-N'Sengha
RS 150-2: World Religions Findlay
RS 150-3: World Religions Staff
RS 150-4: World Religions Alvizo
RS 150-5: God is Not One O'Donnell
RS 150-6: World Religions Lee
RS 204: Religion, Logic, and Media Staff
RS 204-2: Ethics and Religion Findlay
RS 204-3: Religion, Logic, and Media O'Donnell
RS 204-4: Religion, Logic, and Media Lee
RS 240: Approaches to the History of Religion Findlay
RS 255: American Politics Institutions and Religion O'Donnell
RS 304: Women and Religion Staff
RS 304-2: Women and Religion Alvizo
RS 307: Religion in America O'Donnell
RS 356: Contemporary Religious Thought White
RS 361: Contemporary Ethical Issues Findlay
RS 361-2: Contemporary Ethical Issues O'Donnell
RS 361-3: Contemporary Ethical Issues Lee
RS 370: Religion and Ecology Baugh
RS 380OL: Asian Religion Conline Lee, K.
RS 390: Buddhism Lee
RS 390-2: Buddhism Wilkerson
RS 390OL: Buddhism Online Lee, K.
RTM 202: Planning Programs & Events for Recreation Experience Yost
RTM 204: Introduction to Recreation Therapy Staff
RTM 302: Leadership in Recreation & Human Services Yost
RTM 303: Promotion of Recreation Experience Yost
RTM 303-2: Promotion of Recreation Experience Staff
RTM 304: Entrepreneurial Ventures in Recreation Yost
RTM 305: Dynamics of Childhood Play Matthews
RTM 305-2: Dynamics of Childhood Play Newton, D.
RTM 305-3: Dynamics of Childhood Play Staff
RTM 314: Leisure Aspects of the Hospitality Industry Staff
RTM 330: Women and Leisure in the U.S. Yost
RTM 403: Evaluation Research in Recreation and Human Services Matthews
RTM 414: Food & Beverage Management Shade
RTM 684: Advanced research methods and design Staff
RUSS 101: Elementary Russian I Mokhnatkin
RUSS 200: Beginning Conversation Mokhnatkin
SCI 111: Understanding Climate Change Staff
SCM 492: Supply Chain Strategy Mehrzai
SOC 150: Introductory Sociology Staff
SOC 150-2: Introduction to Sociology Scaife
SOC 150-3: Introduction to Sociology Pereira
SOC 150-4: Introduction to Sociology Madden
SOC 150OL: Introductory Sociology Staff
SOC 202: Social Analysis Madden
SOC 202-2: Social Analysis Staff
SOC 230: Human Sexual Behavior Ballard
SOC 230-2: Human Sexual Behavior Staff
SOC 250: Introduction to Criminology & Criminal Justice Staff
SOC 303: Family Staff
SOC 304: Juvenile Delinquency Staff
SOC 305: Culture and Personality Staff
SOC 307: Ethnic Diversity in America Staff
SOC 324: Sociology of Sex and Gender Staff
SOC 324-2: Sociology of Sex and Gender Missari
SOC 324OL: Sociology of Sex and Gender Staff
SOC 325: Sex Roles and Work Staff
SOC 340: Sociology of Work Staff
SOC 345: Social Psycholgy Staff
SOC 345OL: Social Psycholgy Staff
SOC 348: Juvenile Delinquency Staff
SOC 355: Criminology Staff
SOC 355OL: Criminology Staff
SOC 356: Introduction to Social Welfare Institutions Staff
SOC 356-2: Introduction to Social Welfare Institutions Morgaine, K.
SOC 357: Introduction to Social Work Practicum Capous-Desyllas
Soc 357: Anti-Opressive Social Work Practice Staff
SOC 364: Social Statistics Winters
SOC 364-2: Social Statistics Staff
SOC 368: Sociological Theory I Edles
SOC 368-2: Sociological Theory I Staff
SOC 368-3: Classical Social Theory Kouri
SOC 368-4: Sociological Theory I Karageorgis
SOC 418: Woman and Crime Staff
SOC 426: Social Legislation and Social Policy Staff
SOC 454: Policing Society Staff
SOC 468: Sociological Theory II Karageorgis
SOC 468-2: Sociological Theory II Edles
SOC 468-3: Sociological Theory II Staff
SOC 468-4: Contemporary Social Theory Kouri
SOC 468-5: Contemporary Sociological Theory Appelrouth
SOC 474: SOC 474 Staff
SOC 481: Counseling, Interviewing and Intervention Staff
SOC 492: Human Behavior and the Social Enivironment Staff
SOC 493: Diversity and Social Justice Staff
SOC 497: Social Research Method McDonald
SOC 497-2: Social Research Method Staff
SOM 120: Basic Business Statistics Staff
SOM 120-2: Basic Business Statistics Johnson
SOM 306: Operations Management Staff
SOM 306-2: Operations Management Paik
SOM 306-3: Operations Management Lee, J.
SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I Staff
SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish I Staff
SPED 400: Developmental Differences Staff
SPED 400OL: Developmental Differences Staff
SPED 406: K-12 Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners with Disabilities Friedman-Narr
SPED 406-2: K-12 Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners with Disabilities Spencer, S.
SPED 532: ECSE Curriculum and Instruction Etting
SWRK 501: Human Behavior & Social Environment Lipscomb
SWRK 501-2: Human Behavior and Social Environment Bartle
SWRK 501-3: HBSE I Bartlett
SWRK 501-4: Human Behavior and the Social Environment Staff
SWRK 502: HBSE II Lipscomb
SWRK 502-2: HBSE II Paez
SWRK 502-3: Human Behavior & Social Environment Abelson
SWRK 502-4: HBSE II Ramos
SWRK 502-5: HBSE II Ashley
SWRK 502-6: Human Behavior & Social Environment Love
SWRK 502-7: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II Bartlett
SWRK 502-8: HBSE II Sims
SWRK 502-9: Human Behavior & Social Environment Jorge
SWRK 503: Practice - DSM Henningfield
SWRK 503-2: Psychosocial Assessment and Diagnostic Formulation Mortimer
SWRK 510: Generalist Social Work Theory and Practice Staff
SWRK 520: Social Work Practice in Multicultural Settings Staff
SWRK 521: Macro Social Work Practice Staff
SWRK 525OL: Social Welfare Policy Seminar Bartle
SWRK 535: Research Methods Staff
SWRK 602: Advanced Social Work Practice with Urban Families II Paez
SWRK 621: Advanced Social Work Practice Ramos
SWRK 621-2: Advanced Social Work Practice Halaas
SWRK 621-3: Advanced Social Work Practice Lara, L.
SWRK 621-4: Advanced Social Work Practice Abelson
SWRK 630: Family Crisis and Trauma Ashley
SWRK 630-2: Family Crisis and Trauma Henningfield
SWRK 630-3: Family Crisis and Trauma Gould
SWRK 630-4: Family Crisis and Trauma Pereira
SWRK 630-5: Family Crisis and Trauma Paez
SWRK 630-6: Family Crisis and Trauma Curiel
SWRK 630-7: Family Crisis and Trauma Mountz
SWRK 650A: Child Welfare Services Gould
TH 110OL: Plays and Players Staff
TH 110OL-2: Plays and Players Cleveland
TH 110OL-3: Plays and Players Morrison
TH 310: Theatre in Performance Staff
TH 310OL: Theatre in Performance Taylor
TH 315: World Drama Staff
TH 321A: Survey of Theatre History Kennicott
TH 321B: Survey of Theatre History II Kennicott
TH 325: World Theater Staff
TH 371: Creative Drama Dwyer
TH 396SM: Stage Management Jackson, M.
TH 444: Principles of Directing Biederman
URBS 150: The Urban Scene Willey
URBS 150-2: The Urban Scene Staff
URBS 310: Growth and Development of Cities Stieglitz, O.
URBS 310-2: Growth and Development of Cities Staff
URBS 350: Third World Cities Deoliveira
URBS 350-2: Third World Cities Staff
URBS 350-3: Third World Cities Vrat
URBS 494C: Internship Kent

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