Course Reserves

Course Instructor
AHSS 100: Argonauts of Human Life Glenn
AIE 330: AIE 330 History of Indian Education Marshall
AIE 340: Instructional Practices Lara-Cooper
ANTH 103: Biological Anthropology Patino
ANTH 104: Cultural Anthropology Scoggin; Smith
ANTH 105: Archaeology & World Prehistory Ramsier
ANTH 302: Anthropology of Religion Smith
ANTH 305: Hum Ev Bio, Diversity, Health Gaskins
ANTH 306: Cultures & Empires: Ancient M. Cooper
ANTH 329: Political Anthropology Krissman
ANTH 330: Method and Theory in Bioanth Ramsier
ANTH 333: Primate Adaptation & Evolution Glenn
ANTH 390: Australian Culture Smith
ART 103A: Survey of Art History I Conley
ART 103B: Survey of Art History II Conley
ART 104I: 20th Century Art Alderson
ART 104J: Art in the United States Conley
ART 104N: Asian Art Fuglestad
ART 250: Beginning Darkroom Woody
ART 251: Photography I Woody
ART 301: History of Photography Conley
ART 301 (41440): The Museum Potter
ART 304: 20th/21st Century American Art Alderson
ART 321: Comics Gonzalez-Guerra
ART 356: Museum & Gallery Practices Carey
ART 437: Professional Practices in Art Hill
BA 105: Critical Thinking in Org. Stumpf
BA 210: Legal Environment of Business Chen
BA 250: Financial Accounting Whiteside
BA 252: Management Accounting Qu; Zender; Byrne
BA 310: Business Law Chen
BA 340: Principles of Marketing Kordrostami; Vizenor; Sleeth-Keppler
BA 360: Principles of Finance Byrne; Proulx
BA 370: Principles of Management Singh; Proulx
BA 447: E-Marketing Strategy Prescott
BA 450/BA 451: Intermed. Financial Account. Whiteside
BA 454: Financial Statement Auditing Whiteside
BA 455: Govt'l & Nonprofit Accounting Zender
BA 468: Capital Budgeting Adhikari
BA 470: Organization & Mgmt Theories Stumpf
BA 494: Business and Society Byrne
BA 496: Strategic Management Lancaster; Vizenor
BIOL 102: Human Biology Burrell
BIOL 105: Principles of Biology Blackman
BIOL 307: Evolution Metz
BIOL 330: Principles of Ecology Camann
BIOL 340: Genetics Kiemnec-Tyburczy; Rutschow
BIOL 410: Cell Biology Steele
BIOL 412: General Bacteriology Zhong
BIOL 433D: Microbial Ecology Discussion Cuellar Gempeler
BIOL 434: Population & Community Ecology Jules
BOT 105: General Botany Otto; Tomescu; Shaughnessy
BOT 310: General Plant Physiology Lu
BOT 350: Plant Taxonomy Mesler
BOT 356: Phycology Shaughnessy
CD 109Y/109Z: Amer Sign Language Level I & II Sanborn; Leiker
CD 209: Middle Childhood Development Mager; Rana
CD 253: Prenatal & Infant Development Rana
CD 350: Life-Span Development Rana
CD 355: Language Development Lara-Cooper
CD 366: Exceptional Children/Families You
CD 446: Structure and Content of Children's Thinking You
CD 464: Atypical Child Development You
CD 469: Contemp Issues in Child Devlpm West
CD 479: Policy Analysis and Advocacy Hansen
CHEM 107: Fundamentals of Chemistry Burrell; Brown
CHEM 109: General Chemistry I Cappuccio; Brown; Harmon
CHEM 110: General Chemistry II Zoellner; Greenberg
CHEM 228: Brief Organic Chemistry Greenberg
CHEM 324: Organic Chemistry Wayman
CHEM 341: Quantitative Analysis Till
CHEM 361: Physical Chemistry I Harmon
CHEM 370: Earth System Chemistry Hurst
CHEM 434: Biochemistry White
CHEM 438: Introductory Biochemistry Schineller
CHIN 105: Chinese Level I Wu
COMM 100: Fundamental Speech Communication Young; Hitchcock-Tinseth; Donaldson; Mackinney; Floss; Fine
COMM 105: Intro to Human Communication Rossman
COMM 108: Oral Interpretation Floss
COMM 309B: Gender and Communication Rossman; Schnurer
COMM 319: Communication Research Frye
COMM 411: Organizational Communication Paynton
COMM 480: Rhetorical Political Economy Rossman
CRGS 108: Pwr/Privilege:Gen/Race/Sex/Cls Attallah
CRGS 313: Community Activism Ruiz Gonzalez
CRGS 330: Women of Color Feminisms Curiel
CRGS 360: Race, Gender & US Law Accomando
CRGS 430: Queer Across Cultures Berry
CRIM 125: Introduction to CJS Rienzi
CRIM 225S: Inequalities/Criminalization Tutorial Cortez-Regan
CRIM 410: Criminological Theory Ordner
CS 100: Critical Thinking W/ Computers Tuttle
CS 112: Computer Science Foundation 2 Fode Made
CS 212: Algorithms Fode Made
CS 279: Introduction to Linux Tuttle
CS 309: Computers and Social Change Bogle
CS 346: Telecommunications & Networks Tuttle
CS 374: Operating Systems Burgess
CS 458: Software Engineering Bogle
DANC 103: Modern I Butcher; Bergmann
DANC 245: Middle Eastern Dance Anthony
DANC 303: Dance In World Cultures Bergmann
EC 620: Political Ecology BAKER
EC 640: Ecosystems and Society Everett
ECON 104: Contemporary Topics in Econ Luke; Lancaster
ECON 210: Principles of Economics Luke
ECON 306: Econ of the Developing World Wilson
ECON 311: Intermed Macroeconomics Matthews
ECON 323: Economic History of the U.S. Eschker
ECON 423: Environmental and NR Economics Fisher
ECON 435: Principles of Money & Banking Matthews
EDL 646: Principal:Leader & Administrat Kelish
EDUC 655: Educational Research Ellerd
ENGL 102: Composition and Rhetoric Gai; Amann; Winter; Olsen; Sullivan; Giannini; Marsden; Duckart; Ben-Zvi
ENGL 104: Accelerated Comp and Rhetoric Winter; Duckart; Olsen; Amann; Ben-Zvi
ENGL 120: Intro to English Major Ahokas
ENGL 200/581: Academic Wrtg & Revision Wkshp/Practicum in Teaching Writing Tremain; Ben-Zvi
ENGL 211: Intro Creative Writing McKnight
ENGL 220: Literature, Identity & Rprsntn Giannini
ENGL 232: Survey of American Lit Accomando
ENGL 240: World Lit Eldridge
ENGL 305: Postcolonial Perspectives Eldridge
ENGL 311: Environmental Writing Adsit
ENGL 320: Practical Criticism Ahokas
ENGL 323: Children's Literature Hobbel
ENGL 326: Language Studies for Teachers Scott
ENGL 336: American Ethnic Literature Accomando
ENGL 350: British Lit Giannini
ENGL 426: Communication in Writing II Hobbel
ENGL 460: Literary Editing Adsit
ENGR 115: Intro to Env Resources Engr Vergara
ENGR 210: Solid Mechanics Statics Moradi Gharehtapeh
ENGR 211: Solid Mechanics Dynamics Boyle
ENGR 225: Comp Methds for Env Engrng I Eschenbach; Duin
ENGR 308: Technology & the Environment Grafman
ENGR 313: Systems Analysis Eschenbach
ENGR 322: Envrnmntl Data Modeling & Anly Alstone
ENGR 325: Comp Mthds for Env Engnring II Eschenbach
ENGR 330: Mech & Science of Materials Saucedo
ENGR 331: Thermo & Energy Systems Boyle
ENGR 333: Fluid Mechanics Lang
ENGR 351: Introduction to Water Quality Eschenbach
ENGR 416: Transport Phenomena Otero-Diaz
ENGR 440: Hydrology I Cashman
ENGR 481: Water & Env Chem for Engineers Eschenbach
ENST 295: Power/Privilege & Environment Malcolm
ES 105: Intro to U.S. Ethnic Studies Attallah
ES 106: Intro to Black Studies Bell
ES 107: Chican@/Latin@ Lives Perez
ES 305: African American Cultural Hist Bell
ES 308: Multi-Ethnic Resistance (U.S.) Attallah
ES 336: American Ethnic Literature Accomando
ESM 105: Natural Resource Conservation Dunk
ESM 210: Public Land Use Policy Mgmt Dunk
ESM 302: Biodiversity on Earth McCavour
ESM 303: Natural History & Ecology Byrne
ESM 305: Environ Conflict Resolution Arroyo; Steinberg; Benson
ESM 325: Environmental Law & Regulation Mayer
ESM 353: Env. Educ. & Interp. Graphics Tarlton
ESM 355: Princ of Ecologic Restoration Benson
ESM 360: Intro to Envir Plan Methods Everett
ESM 425: Environment Impact Assessment McCavour
ESM 620: Ecosystems and Society Everett
FILM 109: Film Comedy Around the World Cartier
FILM 260: Film Festival Abbey
FILM 305: Art of Film/Beginning to 1950s Cartier
FISH 260: Conservation & Management Buchheister
FISH 300: Introduction to Fisheries Biology Thiesfeld
FISH 310: Ichthyology Cuevas Uribe
FISH 435: Ecology of Marine Fish Marin Jarrin
FISH 471: Fish Diseases Cuevas Uribe
FISH 476: Ecology of Running Water Ward
FOR 130: Dendrology Kerhoulas
FOR 210: Forest Measurements & Biometry Zald
FOR 315: Forest Management Dagley
FOR 321: Fire Ecology Greene
FOR 323: Wildland Fire Behavior Scanlon
FOR 359: CA & US Forest Wildland Policy Boston
FOR 432: Silviculture Berrill
FOR 475: Forest Mgmt Decision Making Boston
FREN 105: French Level I Drew
GEOG 105: Human Geography Derrick
GEOG 300: Global Awareness Johnson
GEOL 106: Earthquake Country Admire
GEOL 109: General Geology Browne
GEOL 210: Earth Systems History Levy
GEOL 300: Geology of California Browne
GEOL 303: Earth Resourc and Glbl Env Chg Michalak
GEOL 305: Life Fossils and Evolution Miller
GEOL 306: General Geomorphology Oshun
GEOL 314: Petrology Browne
GEOL 332: Sedimentary Geology Levy
GERM 105: German Level I Chappelle
GSP 101: Geospatial Concepts Malloy; Rock
GSP 270: Geographic Information Science Gwenzi
GSP 316: Cartography Perdue
GSP 426: Cartography Practicum Perdue
HED 231: Basic Human Nutrition Bloedon
HED 342: Nutrition Athletic Performance Bloedon
HED 400: Sound Mind-Sound Body Estefan; Hyland
HIST 104: Western Civilization to 1650 Geck
HIST 106B: Islamic Societies Dallasheh
HIST 110: U.S. History to 1877 Aronoff; Dschida; Mays
HIST 111: U.S. History Since 1877 Rosebrook; Geck; Aronoff
HIST 311: World History to 1750 Hamilton
HIST 322: The Age of Knights & Monks Hamilton
HIST 338: Modern Chinese History Cliver
INTL 220: Intro to Cultural Studies Derrick
INTL 410: Global Issues Analysis Wilson
JMC 134: Photojournalism & Photoshop McKenna
JMC 302: Mass Media and Popular Arts Cretser-Hartenstein
JMC 318: Media Research Cretser-Hartenstein
JMC 328: Media Law Sama
JMC 332: Media Ethics Sama
KINS 165: Foundations of Kinesiology Bloedon
KINS 379: Exercise Physiology Burrus; Kwon
KINS 386: Structural Kinesiology Brammer; Ortega
KINS 425: Strength & Conditioning Servais
KINS 456A: Fitness Assessment/Programming Kwon
KINS 474: Psychology of Sport & Exercise Jennings
KINS 475: Elementary School P.E. Adams
KINS 483: Evaluation Techniques of Kinesiology Manos
KINS 484: Motor Development Motor Learn Ogle
LING 495: Prac in Lang Studies Doty
LSEE 101: Foundations of Education Dingle
LSEE 212: Language and Literacy Dingle
MATH 102: Algebra & Elementary Functions Moskowitz; Lauck; Owens
MATH 103: Contemporary Mathematics Wright; Kim
MATH 105: Calculus/Bio Sci & Nat Res Payer; PETERSON; Ames
MATH 109/110/210: Calculus I, Calculus II, & Calculus III Dugaw; Evans; Goetz; Haag; Falk; Freedman
MATH 113/114/115: College Algebra/ Trigonometry/Algebra & Elementary Functions Heese; Nickle; Moskowitz; Carter; Lauck; Peterson; Manor
MATH 241: Elements Of Linear Algebra Freedman
MATH 253: Discrete Mathematics Tuttle
MATH 308B: Math for Elementary Education Ballinger
MATH 361: Intro to Math Modeling (4) S. Dugaw
MBA/BA 610: Research Methods Som
MBA/BA 620: Corporate Social Responsibilty Zender
MUS 104: Intro to Music Cummings; Woods
MUS 106/107 J & K: AM Jazz Band/Orchestra/Combos Aldag
MUS 180: Beginning Jazz Improvisation Ryder
MUS 214: Theory I Post
MUS 227/427: Studio Trumpet/St. Trumpet, Perf & Mus Ed Cline
MUS 301: Rock: An American Music Aldag
MUS 302: Music in World Culture Novotney; Kaufman
MUS 305: Jazz - An American Art Form Cline
MUS 315: Theory IV Post
MUS 320B: Comp: Jazz & Pop Arranging Post
MUS 320C: Composition: Electronic Music Post
MUS 322: Music in the K-8 Classroom Samet
MUS 324: Contemporary Composition Post
MUS 334: Fundamentals of Conducting Samet
MUS 348: Music Hist: Antiquity to 1750 Trowbridge
MUS 370T: String Techniques I Davy
MUS 406/407 J & K: AM Jazz Band/Orchestra Aldag
NAS 104: Intro to Nat American Studies Marshall; Giovannetti
NAS 200: Indigenous People in US History Begay
NAS 302: Oral Literature & Tradition Begay
NAS 306: Indigenous Peoples of Americas Giovannetti
NAS 325: Native Tribes of California
NAS 332: Environmental Justice Risling Baldy
NAS 362: Tribal Governance & Leadership Giovannetti
OCN 109: General Oceanography Abell
OCN 310: Biological Oceanography Cass
PERMANENT RES.: Permanent Reserves
PHIL 100: Logic Goodman; Chen; Chandler
PHIL 104: Asian Philosophy Heise
PHIL 106: Moral Controversies Bockover; Chandler
PHIL 107: Intro to Philosophy Powell
PHIL 302: Environmental Ethics Cannon
PHIL 304: Philosophy of Sex and Love Bockover
PHIL 309B: Perspectives:Hum,Sci,Soc Sci Chandler
PHIL 391: Latin American Philosophy Cannon
PHIL 485: Stoicism Heise
PHYX 109 & 211: Gen Phyx I: Mechanics Mola; Gannett
PHYX 315: Intro to Electronics Bliven
PHYX 320: Modern Physics Rodriguez Hidalgo
PHYX 324: Analytical Mechanics Saunders
PHYX 499: Directed Study Gannett
PSCI 104: People & Politics Larson
PSCI 110: American Government Murray; Larson
PSCI 220: Intro to Political Theory Meyer
PSCI 240: Intro to Internat'l Relations Zerbe
PSCI 295: Political Research & Analysis Chang
PSCI 303: Third World Politics Shaw
PSCI 317: Public Policy Process Burkhalter
PSCI 330: European Politics Larson
PSCI 340: Ethnicity and Nationalism Larson
PSYC 100: Psych of Critical Thinking Rismiller; Reynolds
PSYC 104: Intro Psychology Matlock II; White
PSYC 240: Understanding Research in Psyc Reynolds
PSYC 241: Intro Psych Statistics Aberson
PSYC 242: Intro Psych Research Design Iturbide; Graham
PSYC 300: Psychology of Women Rismiller
PSYC 302: Psychology of Prejudice Goodspeed
PSYC 303: Family Relations Contemp Soc Howe
PSYC 309: Thinking Consumer in Matrl Soc Campbell
PSYC 311: Human Development Villarreal
PSYC 321: Intro Behavioral Neuroscience Hahn
PSYC 322: Learning & Motivation Sanchez
PSYC 323: Sensation and Perception Petullo
PSYC 324: Cognitive Psychology Kim; Sanchez
PSYC 325: Adv Behavioral Neuroscience Hahn
PSYC 335: Social Psychology Gaffney
PSYC 337: Personality Theory & Research Rismiller
PSYC 345L: Psych Tests and Measurement Reynolds
PSYC 400: Health Psychology Purvis; Aigner
PSYC 406: Forensic Psychology Campbell
PSYC 414: Adolescence & Young Adulthood Villarreal
PSYC 436: Human Sexuality Graham
PSYC 438: Dynamics of Abnormal Behavior Padron
PSYC 454: Interviewing & Counslng Tech Petullo
PSYC 480: Culture & Diversity in Psych Iturbide
PSYC 622: Advanced Learning & Behavior Walmsley
PSYC 641: Res Methds: Philos & Design Gahtan
PSYC 652: Dgnsis/Trtmnt Chld-Soc,Emot,Bh DeMatteo
REC 210: Recreation Leadership Marchand
REC 211: Leisure in Society Pachmayer
REC 220: Leisure Programming Pachmayer
REC 302: Inclusive Recreation McGuire
REC 320: Organ, Admin, Facility Planing Marchand
REC 365: Travel Industry Management Pachmayer
REC 370: Outdoor Adventure Recreation Marchand
REC 410: Healthy Communities McGuire
REC 455: Internship and Career Workshop Pachmayer
REC 481: Recreation Practicum Marchand
RRS 306: Wildland Resource Principles Marshall
RS 105: World Religions Biondo; Hart
RS 120: Exploring Religion Hart
SED 733: Secondary Curric Inst: Engl
SOC 104: Introduction to Sociology Eichstedt
SOC 201S: Social Issues and Action Rienzi
SOC 225S: Social Issues and Action Eichstedt
SOC 282L: Sociological Statistics Lab August
SOC 306: The Changing Family Martinek
SOC 310: Sociological Theory Martinek; Silvaggio
SOC 316: Gender and Society Eichstedt
SOC 370: Env Inequality & Globalization Ordner
SOC 382: Intro to Social Research Martinek; August
SOC 410: Contemporary Social Theory Shaw
SOC 475: Community Organizing Ordner
SOC 480: Drugs and Society Meisel
SOIL 260: Introduction to Soil Science Swenson
SOIL 360: Origin & Classification Soils Marshall
SPAN 105/106/107: Spanish Language & Culture I&II GASKELL; Raich; Delacabada; Dean
SPAN 207: Spanish Language & Culture IV Brintrup
SPAN 311: Level V, Adv Grammar & Cmpstn Brintrup
SPED 702: Foundations of General and Specific Education Wilson
SPED 703: Fndtns of Assmnt & Prog Plnng Bowman
SPED 707: Curr & Instrct:Rdng/Lang Arts Haase
STAT 108: Elementary Statistics Rizzardi; Adams
STAT 109: Introductory Biostatistics Payer; Gledhill
STAT 333: Linear Regression Models/ANOVA Buchheister
SW 101: Intro to SW & SW Institutions Krause
SW 340: Social Work Methods and Practice Dempster; Slack
SW 350: Human Behavior & Soc Env I Gonzalez; Cirincione O'Connor
SW 382: Social Work Research O'Neill; Maguire
SW 411: Distributed Learning Community Cellitti
SW 442: Native American/Cross-Cultural Feliz
SW 442 online: Child & Family Welfare Gonzalez
SW 540: Generalist Social Wrk Practice Dempster
SW 541: GSWP: Native American Communit Shaw
SW 582: Research I: Phil & Methods Swartz
SW 640: AGP: Child and Family Welfare Feliz
SW 641: AGP Intgrted Clinical Practice Bowen
SW 649: AGP: Wellness & Sustainability Slater North
TA 105: Acting 1 Abbey
TA 107: Dramatic Writing Peters
TA 336: Costume Design Stage & Screen Robison
TA 340: Theatre History I Lescher
TA 415: Acting 4 Lescher
WLDF 210: Intro to Wldlfe Conserv & Admn Bean
WLDF 301: Principles of Wildlife Management Kahara
WLDF 460: Conservation Biology Neils
WLDF 475: Wildlife Ethology Szykman Gunther
WS 106: Intro to Women's Studies Marsden
WS 107: Women, Culture, History Marsden; Pitre
WS 309B: Gender and Communication Rossman
WS 336: American Ethnic Literature Accomando
WSHD 310: Hydrology & Watershed Management Stubblefield
ZOOL 110: Introductory Zoology Marks; Monroe
ZOOL 113: Human Physiology Szewczak
ZOOL 310: Animal Physiology Slay
ZOOL 314: Invertebrate Zoology Craig
ZOOL 356: Mammalogy Hawkins
ZOOL 358: General Entomology Camann
ZOOL 370: Comp Anatomy of Vertebrates Reiss

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