Course Reserves

Course Instructor
ACCY 1: Accounting Fundamentals Zhang
ACCY 112: Intermediate Accounting II Liu
ACCY 117: Advanced Accounting Jensen
ACCY 121: 2: Cost Accounting Jensen
ACCY 121: Cost Accounting Pforsich
ACCY 161: Government and Nonprofit Accounting Ogilby
ACCY 171: Federal Tax Procedures I Lyon
ACCY 2: Managerial accounting Tran
ANTH 1: Introduction to Biological Anthropology Sullivan
ANTH 101: Cultural Diversity Castorena
ANTH 108: Economic Anthropology Walker
ANTH 121: 2: Archaeology of Mexico Berrey
ANTH 121: Archaeology of Mexico Crandall
ANTH 13: Magic, Witchcraft and Religion Murphy
ANTH 142: Culture and Society in Mexico Trichur
ANTH 146: Ethnographic Analysis Walker
ANTH 174: Anthropology of Food Walker
ANTH 175: Anthropology of Globalization Trichur
ANTH 188: Anthropology of the Body Raschig
ANTH 189: Critical Medical Anthropology Raschig
ANTH 192B: Laboratory in Ethnographic Techniques Raschig
ANTH 2: 2: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Spreng
ANTH 2: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Raschig
ANTH 299: Special Problems Raschig
ANTH 3: Introduction to Archaeology Tiley
ANTH 4: 2: Language, Culture, and Critical Thinking Spreng
ANTH 4: Language, Culture, and Critical Thinking Loring
ART 109: Modern Art O'Brien
ART 111: Latin American and Latino Art History Dosch
ART 117C: Korean Art Listopad
ART 133: Art Education for Children Hicks
ART 135: Overview of Secondary Art Education Hicks
ART 137: Art for Exceptional Children Hicks
ART 1A: 2: Art in the Western World: From Stone Age to End of Middle Ages Dosch; Miller
ART 1A: Art in the Western World: From Stone Age to End of Middle Ages Seban
ART 2: History of Islamic Art Listopad
ART 3A: Traditional Asian Art Chirapravati
Art 5: Art of the Americas Dosch
ASTR 131: Solar System and Space Exploration Taylor
ASTR 4B: 2: Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology Barniol Duran
ASTR 4B: Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology Taylor
ASTR 4C: Introduction to Astrobiology Taylor
BHON 105: Introduction to Management Information Systems Velianitis
BHON 107: Business Finance Ikromov
BHON 108: Fundamentals in Marketing Tong
BIO 1: 2: Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology Datwyler
BIO 1: 3: Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology Coleman
BIO 1: Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology Avery
BIO 103: Plants and Civilization Kavaljian
BIO 104: Physiology of Human Reproduction Strandgaard
BIO 121: Molecular Cell Biology Nguyen
BIO 125: Body Fluid Analysis Soto
BIO 131: 2: Systemic Physiology Eiselein
BIO 131: Systemic Physiology Wright
BIO 132: Neurophysiology Wright; Wright
BIO 133: Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Physiology Strandgaard
BIO 135: Endocrinology Strandgaard
BIO 139: 2: General Microbiology Lindgren; Bendorf
BIO 139: General Microbiology Gonzalez-Orta
BIO 167: Quantitative Methods in Biology Davidson
BIO 183: Cancer Biology Han
BIO 184: General Genetics Reams
BIO 188: 2: Evolution Datwyler
BIO 188: Evolution Holland
BIO 2: Cells, Molecules and Genes McDonald
BIO 20: Biology: Human Perspective Holland
BIO 22: 2: Introductory Human Anatomy Ernst
BIO 22: Introductory Human Anatomy Bahlman
BIO 222: Introduction to Scientific Inquiry Olsan
BIO 25: 2: Human Anatomy and Physiology I Strandgaard
BIO 26: Human Anatomy and Physiology II Strandgaard
BIO 39: Micro Allied Health Students Kirvan
CE 137: Water Resources Engineering Poindexter
CE 138: Hydrology Merayyan
CE 146: Civil Engineering Professional Practice Hansen
CE 163: 2: Structural Design Steel I Fogarty
CE 163: Structural Design Steel I Fell
CE 170A: Principles of Environmental Engineering Heyer
CE 9: Plane and Topographic Surveying German
Center for Teaching Learning: Center for Teaching & Learning Dubois
CHAD 123: 2: Qualitative Methods in Human Development Bersola-Nguyen
CHAD 123: Qualitative Methods in Human Development Parrish
CHAD 131: Language Development Bersola-Nguyen
CHAD 135: 2: Cross-cultural Child Development Toledo Bustamante
CHAD 135: Cross-cultural Child Development Natzel
CHAD 136: Developmental Experiences, Methods and Curriculum Natzel
CHAD 137: 2: Cognitive Development Stone
CHAD 137: Cognitive Development Hollis
CHAD 138: Social and Emotional Development Gill
CHAD 143: 2: Mind and Brain in Developmental Context O'Hara
CHAD 143: Mind and Brain in Developmental Context Parrish
CHAD 154: Issues in Parenting Moylan
CHAD 23: Assessment and Observation in Child Development Bersola-Nguyen
CHAD 249: Language Processes in Development Toledo Bustamante
CHAD 30: 11: Human Development Escobar
CHAD 30: 2: Human Development Gill
CHAD 30: 4: Human Development Bersola-Nguyen
CHAD 35: 2: Child and Adolescent Development Pierce
CHAD 35: Child and Adolescent Development Escobar
CHAD 35F: Human Development and Elementary Field Experience Bersola-Nguyen
CHEM 106: Chemical Concepts Swanson
CHEM 110: Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Houston
CHEM 110L: Inorganic Chemistry Lab Houston
CHEM 124: Organic Chemistry Lecture II Miranda
CHEM 133: Chemical Instrumentation Miller-Schulze
CHEM 142: Introduction to Physical Chemistry Gherman
CHEM 160A: Structure and Function of Biological Molecules McReynolds
CHEM 161: 2: General Biochemistry Rieger
CHEM 161: General Biochemistry McReynolds
CHEM 165: Advanced Biochemistry Lab McReynolds
CHEM 1A: General Chemistry I Mack
CHEM 20: Organic Chemistry Lecture--Brief Course Kellen-Yuen
CHEM 24: 1: Organic Chemistry Lecture I Kellen-Yuen
CHEM 31: Quantitative Analysis Miller-Schulze
CHEM 4: 2: Chemical Calculations Gherman
CHEM 4: Chemical Calculations Paradis
CHEM 6A: Introduction to General Chemistry Ritchey
CHEM 6B: 2: Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Ritchey
CHEM 6B: Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Savage
CHIN 120: Chinese Civilization Smith
CM 111: Construction Labor Relations Bushman
CM 120: Construction Operations and Methods Analysis Mantell
CM 124: Engineering Construction Mantell
COMS 100B: 2: Critical Analysis of Messages LaVally
COMS 100B: 3: Critical Analysis of Messages Sanger
COMS 100B: 4: Critical Analysis of Messages Stoner
COMS 100B: 5: Critical Analysis of Messages Powers
COMS 100B: 6: Critical Analysis of Messages Maben
COMS 100B: Critical Analysis of Messages Foss-Snowden
COMS 100C: 2: Introduction to Scientific Methods in Communication Research Omori
COMS 100C: 3: Introduction to Scientific Methods in Communication Research Williams
COMS 100C: Introduction to Scientific Methods in Communication Research Stitt
COMS 114: Communication and American Culture LaVally
COMS 116: 2: Intercultural Communication Omori
COMS 116: 3: Intercultural Communication Rash
COMS 116: Intercultural Communicatn Zuckerman
COMS 118: Survey of Public Relations Ray
COMS 119: 2: Conflict Resolution Through Communication Knifong
COMS 119: Conflict Resolution Through Communication Sanger
COMS 120: History of the Media Ludwig
COMS 133: The Documentary Film Kasic
COMS 145: Organizational Communication Gale
COMS 152: 2: Freedom of Speech Maben
COMS 152: Freedom of Speech Gardner
COMS 153: Mass Media Law and Regulation Gardner
COMS 168: Approaches to Rhetorical Criticism LaVally
COMS 169: Television Criticism Foss-Snowden
COMS 171: Survey Methods in Communication Research Stitt
COMS 186: Seminar in Health Communication Stitt
COMS 2: 2: Argumentation Sanger
COMS 2: 3: Argumentation Gilgun
COMS 2: Argumentation Rix
COMS 216: Intercultural Communication Omori
COMS 4: 2: Introduction to Public Speaking Wenk; Malvini Redden
COMS 4: 3: Introduction to Public Speaking Gilgun
COMS 5: 2: Communication Experience Clark
COMS 5: 4: Communication Experience Ray
COMS 5: Communication Experience Gilgun
COMS 55: Media Communication and Society Gale
COMS 8: Interpersonal Communication Skills Knifong
CRJ 1: 3: Introduction to Criminal Justice and Society Mumma
CRJ 1: 4: Introduction to Criminal Justice and Society Williams
CRJ 1: 6: Introduction to Criminal Justice and Society Bunyan
CRJ 101: 2: Introduction to Criminal Justice Research Methods Croisdale
CRJ 101: 3: Introduction to Criminal Justice Research Methods Escobar
CRJ 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice Research Methods Ren
CRJ 102: 2: Crime And Punishment Bogazianos
CRJ 102: 3: Crime And Punishment Fox
CRJ 102: Crime And Punishment Ren
CRJ 112: Gangs and Threat Groups in America Hernandez Jr
CRJ 115: 2: Violence and Terrorism Mizrahi
CRJ 115: Violence and Terrorism Bunyan
CRJ 118: Drug Abuse and Criminal Behavior Karver
CRJ 121: 2: The Structure and Function of the American Courts Bowie
CRJ 121: The Structure and Function of the American Courts Mumma
CRJ 123: 2: Law of Arrest, Search & Seizure Mizrahi
CRJ 123: Law of Arrest, Search and Seizure Horowitz
CRJ 141: 2: Police and Society Karver
CRJ 141: Police and Society Huang
CRJ 154: Introduction to Physical Evidence Hess
CRJ 160: 2: Justice and Public Safety Administration Huang
CRJ 160: Justice and Public Safety Administration Karver
CRJ 163: Leadership in Criminal Justice and Public Safety Swim
CRJ 170: Human Trafficking and Slavery Ren
CRJ 190: 2: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Escobar
CRJ 190: 3: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Jones
CRJ 190: 4: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Okada
CRJ 190: 5: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Fox
CRJ 190: 6: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Schnurbush
CRJ 190: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Bogazianos
CRJ 196B: Law of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Mizrahi
CRJ 2: 3: Law of Crimes Horowitz
CRJ 210: Critical Examination of Law and Justice Fox
CRJ 4: 3: General Investigative Techniques Getty
Crocker Art Museum: Crocker Art Museum
CSAD 110: 2: Physics of Sound and Phonetics D'Angelo
CSAD 110: Physics of Sound and Phonetics Haberstock
CSAD 111: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism Davis
CSAD 123: Voice and Fluency Patterson
CSAD 125: 2: Developmental and Acquired Neurogenic Language Disorders Across the Lifespan Haberstock
CSAD 125: Developmental and Acquired Neurogenic Language Disorders Across the Lifespan D'Angelo
CSAD 133: Aural Rehabilitation Ivory
CSAD 142: 2: Topics in Autism Spectrum Disorders D'Angelo
CSAD 147: Assessment Procedures Thompson
CSAD 227: Dysphagia and the Medical Setting D'Angelo
CSAD 228A: 2: Methods: Speech Disorders I Davis
CSAD 641: Auditory Evoked Potentials Smith
CSC 139: Operating Systems Principles Shobaki
CSC 20: Programming Concepts and Methodology II Wang
CSC 201: Program Language Principles Zhang
DEAF 51: American Sign Language Thrapp
DEAF 52: 2: American Sign Language 2 Dimopoulos
DEAF 60: 2: Introduction to Deaf Studies Hibbard
DEAF 60: Introduction to Deaf Studies Weeks
DNCE 130: Appreciation and History of Dance Bayne; Lazenby
DNCE 131: Dance Cultures of the Americas Flickinger
DNCE 132: African-Caribbean Dance Brown
DNCE 150: Dance Theory and Criticism Bayne
DNCE 5A: Mexican Folklorico Ramirez
DS 101: Data Analysis For Managers Li
DSGN 4: Design and Thinking Carlino
ECON 100B: Intermediate Microeconomics Jouganatos
ECON 110: Cost Benefit Analysis Kelly
ECON 113: Economic History of the United States Siegler
ECON 120: Economics and Environmental Degradation Jouganatos
ECON 130: Public Finance O'Keefe
ECON 132: 1: State and Local Government Finance Walters
ECON 135: 3: Money and Banking Van Gaasbeck
ECON 138: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Tadle
ECON 140: 2: Quantitatve Economic Analysis Walters
ECON 140: Quantitatve Economic Analysis Jouganatos
ECON 141: 2: Introduction to Econometrics Jouganatos
ECON 141: Introduction to Econometrics Lang
ECON 145: 2: Economic Research Methods Jouganatos
ECON 145: Economic Research Methods Dowell
ECON 152: 1: Economics of Education Walters
ECON 170: 1: Public Economics and Regulation Walters
ECON 180: Urban Economics Walters
ECON 181: 1: Economics of Racism Walters
ECON 1A: 2: Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis Tadle
ECON 1B: Introduction to Microeconomics Analysis Walters
EDC 244: 2: Trauma and Crisis Counseling Mankowski
EDC 244: Trauma and Crisis Counseling Turner; Mankowski
EDC 260: Career Development Park
EDC 475: Practicum In Counseling Sullivan
EDD 600: Transformational Leadership Watson
EDD 601: Organizational Leadership Turner
EDD 603: Policy & Prac Edu Leader II Romero
EDD 604: Data-based Decision Making in Educational Leadership Adamson
EDD 616: Dissertation I Romero
EDLP 200: Diversity and Equity in Educational Leadership Chavez
EDMS 234: Classroom Inquiry Beddow
EDMS 243: Data Collection for Action Research in Multicultural Settings Hecsh; Ives
EDMS 315: History-Social Science Curriculum and Instruction for the Diverse K-8 Classroom Beddow
EDMS 319A: Language and Literacy I for the Diverse K-8 Classroom Duran
EDS 239: 4: Education Specialist Seminar Cho
EDSP 201: Developing Collaborative Partnerships with Families, Professionals, and Communities in ECSE Collado
EDSP 209: Developing Augmentative & Alternative Communication Systems: Assessment and Intervention Gee
EDSP 210: Assessment and Evaluation in Early Childhood Special Education Collado
EDSP 216: Understanding the Implications of Developmental Diversity in Children and Youth Collado
EDSP 218: Instructional Strategies: Low Incidence Disabilities Gee
EDSP 229: Curriculum and Instruction Strategies for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities Kwon
EDSP 232: Effective Communication and Collaborative Partnerships Cho
EDSP 250: Education Research Benitti
EDSP 293: Strategies for Inclusive Elementary Classrooms Cho
EDTE 268: Theory and Practice of Gender Issues and Race Flores
EDUC 10: 2: Critical Thinking and the Educated Person Cornish
EDUC 10: Critical Thinking and the Educated Person Hecsh
EDUC 100A: 2: Educating Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings Daley; Gardner
EDUC 100A: 3: Educating Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings Hecsh
EDUC 100A: Educating Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings Econome
EDUC 121: Multicultural Children's Literature Cornish
EDUC 155: Introduction to Counseling Dear
EDUC 156: Power, Privilege and Self Identity in Counseling Hart
EDUC 157: 2: Child and Family Psychopathology Benitti
EDUC 157: Child and Family Psychopathology Mankowski
EDUC 160: 2: Urban Education Noel
EDUC 160: 3: Urban Education Flores
EDUC 160: Urban Education William
EDUC 170: Bilingual Education: Introduction to Educating English Learners Beddow; Baker; Cintron; Sellens; Becker; Flores
EDUC 21: First Year Seminar: Becoming an Educated Person Cornish; Flores; Arnaud; Screechfield
EEE 117: Network Analysis Tatro
EEE 180: Signals and Systems Tatro
EEE 192A: Senior Power Engineering Project I Mearns
EEE 192B: Electrical Power Design Project II Mearns
ENGL 10: 2: Academic Literacies I Durosko
ENGL 10: 3: Academic Literacies I Pickrel
ENGL 10: 4: Academic Literacies I Laporte
ENGL 10M: 2: Academic Literacies I – Multilingual Laporte
ENGL 10M: Academic Literacies I - Multilingual Durosko
ENGL 11: 2: Academic Literacies II Pickrel
ENGL 110A: Linguistics and the English Language Heather
ENGL 110J: Traditional Grammar and Standard Usage Komiyama
ENGL 110P: Second Language Learning and Teaching Komiyama
ENGL 116B: Children's Literary Classics Zarins
ENGL 120A: Advanced Composition Lee
ENGL 120P: Professional Writing Laflen
ENGL 145B: Shakespeare: Early Plays Gieger
ENGL 145C: Shakespeare's Later Plays Gieger
ENGL 150I: Modern American Short Story Lee
ENGL 170M: Literatures Of Sexuality Martinez
ENGL 180B: Forms of African-American Fiction Lee
ENGL 180Z: Topics in Multi-Ethnic Literatures Lee
ENGL 191A: Masterpieces of Cinema Gieger
ENGL 195C: Internship In Field Work Toise
ENGL 198T: Senior Seminar in English Gieger
ENGL 20: 2: College Composition II Pickrel
ENGL 20: 3: College Composition II Linville
ENGL 20: 5: College Composition II Levy
ENGL 20: 6: College Composition II Ochoa
ENGL 20: College Composition II Laflen
ENGL 200E: Curriculum and Assessment Design Heather
ENGL 20M: 1: College Composition II for Multilingual Students Linville
ENGL 40A: 2: Introduction to British Literature I Gieger
ENGL 40A: Introduction to British Literature I Zarins
ENGL 5: 2: Accelerated Academic Literacies Levy
ENGL 5: 3: Accelerated Academic Literacies Linville
ENGL 5: 4: Accelerated Academic Literacies Fournier
ENGL 5: 5: Accelerated Academic Literacies Pickrel
ENGL 5: 7: Accelerated Academic Literacies Laporte
ENGL 50A: Introduction to American Literature I Sweet
ENGL 65: Introduction to World Literatures in English Martinez
ENGR 112: 2: Mechanics of Materials Monzon
ENGR 112: Mechanics Of Materials Fogarty
ENGR 115: Statistics For Engineers Mahallati
ENGR 120: Probability and Random Signals Eltayeb
ENGR 124: Thermodynamics Romani
ENGR 132: Fluid Mechanics Poindexter
ENGR 30: 2: Analytic Mechanics: Statics Fell
ENGR 30: Analytic Mechanics: Statics Monzon
ENTR 187: 2: Entrepreneurship Jeppeson
ENTR 187: 3: Entrepreneurship Karagozoglu
ENTR 187: 4: Entrepreneurship Luca
ENTR 189: Corporate Entrepreneurship Lee
ENVS 10: 2: Introduction to Environmental Science Heyer
ENVS 10: 3: Introduction to Environmental Science Fulton
ENVS 10: Introduction to Environmental Science Reede
ENVS 10H: Honors Environmental Science Foran
ENVS 111: Environmental Ethics Papouchis
ENVS 122: Environmental Impact Analysis: CEQA and NEPA. Reede
ENVS 130: Environmental Toxicology Foran
ENVS 158: Wetlands Ecology Stevens
ENVS 161: Restoration Ecology Stevens
ETHN 100: 2: Ethnic America Moore
ETHN 100: 3: Ethnic America Mallare
ETHN 100: 4: Ethnic America Yonemura
ETHN 100: 5: Ethnic America Cook
ETHN 100: Ethnic America Freeman
ETHN 11: 2: Introduction to Ethnic Studies Yonemura
ETHN 11: 3: Introduction to Ethnic Studies Cook
ETHN 11: Introduction to Ethnic Studies Mallare
ETHN 110: 2: Asian American Experience Yonemura
ETHN 110: 3: Asian American Experience Yamashita
ETHN 110: Asian American Experience Lo
ETHN 114: Asian Americans and Globalization Mallare
ETHN 115: Biracial and Multiracial Identity in the US Freeman
ETHN 118: Asian American Women Yonemura
ETHN 11H: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Honors Gow
ETHN 123: Asian Americans in Media and Popular Culture Lo
ETHN 130: Chicano/Mexican-American Experience Figueroa
ETHN 136: US Mexican Border Relations Ramirez
ETHN 14: 2: Introduction to Asian American Studies Lo
ETHN 140: 2: Native American Experience Baker
ETHN 140: 3: Native American Experience Soza War Soldier
ETHN 140: Native American Experience Bill
ETHN 145: Native Voice, Memory, and Biography Soza War Soldier
ETHN 150: Native Oral Traditions and Story Telling Bill
ETHN 151: Native American Women Reed
ETHN 155: 2: Genocide and Holocaust Studies Yonemura
ETHN 155: Genocide and Holocaust Studies Cook
ETHN 172: Black Women In America Wade
ETHN 177: Genocide and Human Rights in Africa Cook
ETHN 194: Research in Ethnic Studies Yonemura
ETHN 203: Contemporary Ethnic Studies Issues Lo
ETHN 53: 2: Introduction to Native American Studies Daly
ETHN 53: 3: Introduction to Native American Studies Thomas
ETHN 53: Introduction to Native American Studies Soza War Soldier
ETHn 70: 2: Introduction to Pan African Studies Wade
ETHN 70: Introduction to Pan African Studies Mosupyoe
ETHN 72: Black Images in Popular Culture Wade
FACS 154: Issues in Parenting Moylan
FACS 50: 4: The Family and Social Issues Gonzalez
FACS 50: The Family and Social Issues Rapalyea
FACS 52: The Child in the Family Gonzalez
FASH 136: Fashion Retailing Shen
FILM 128: Non-Studio Video Production Janos
FILM 130: Staging and Lighting Digital Video Kasic
FILM 155: Contemporary World Cinema Glamsch
FIN 101: 2: Business Finance Ikromov
FIN 101: 3: Business Finance Jouganatos
FIN 101: Business Finance Moore
FIN 134: Financial Management Liu
FIN 135: 2: Investments Moore
FIN 135: Investments Jouganatos
FIN 136: Modern Portfolio Management Vygodina
FIN 137: 2: Financial Institutions and Markets Jouganatos
FIN 137: Financial Institutions and Markets Lin
FIN 138: Principles of Risk Management and Insurance Lin
FIN 139: Business Property and Liability Insurance Lin
FIN 140: 2: Employee Benefits Stanislaus
FIN 140: Employee Benefits Lin
FIN 142: Real Estate Finance Ikromov
FIN 190: Multinational Business Finance Liu
FREN 120: French Civilization Elstob
FSHD 150: Family Stress and Coping: Multicultural Focus Kurasaki
FYE: First Year Experience Econome
GEOG 1: 2: Physical Geography Gervais
GEOG 1: 3: Physical Geography Schmidtlein
GEOG 100: 2: Themes In World Geography Dillon
GEOG 100: 3: Themes In World Geography Rosenberg
GEOG 100: 4: Themes In World Geography Arpagian
GEOG 100: Themes In World Geography Datel
GEOG 109: Geographic Information Systems Oberle
GEOG 111: Elements Of Meteorology Gervais
GEOG 115: Biogeography Gervais
GEOG 121: 2: United States and Canada Tsai
GEOG 121: United States and Canada Dillon
GEOG 128: Geography Of Europe Datel
GEOG 129C: Special Topics in Regional Geography Molana
GEOG 131: California Dillon
GEOG 144: Feminist Geography Molana
GEOG 145: Population Geography Krabacher
GEOG 147: Urban Geography Datel
GEOG 148: Urban and Regional Planning
GEOG 190: Senior Research Seminar in Geography Datel
GEOL 10: Physical Geology Cornwell
GEOL 130: Oceanography Wagner
GEOL 5: 2: Geology of Mexico Cornwell
GEOL 5: Geology of Mexico Vankeuren
GEOL 7: 2: Natural Disasters Hausback; Griffin
GEOL 7: 3: Natutal disasters Stout
GEOL 7: 4: Natural Disasters Sparks
GEOL 8: Earth Science Stout
GEOL Lab: Geology Lab - Mineral and Rock Boxes Hammersley; Griffin
GERM 1A: Elementary German Wade
GERO 100: Aging Issues in Contemporary America Walsh
GERO 103: Applied Care Management in Gerontology Practice Schier-Anzelmo
GERO 121: Models for Successful Aging Jensen
GERO 122: Managing Disorders in Elders Jensen
GERO 130: Gerontology Practicum Jensen
GERO 131: Gerontology Capstone Practicum Jensen
GM 105: 2: Strategic Management Jouganatos
GM 105: Strategic Management Karagozoglu
GPHD 120: Typography I Park
GPHD 30: Visual Basics II Hoerl
HHS 196B: 2: Introduction to Health Science Quirarte
HHS 196B: 3: Introduction to Health Science Krause
HHS 196B: Introduction to Health Science Elder-Gok
HIST 10: 2: History's Mysteries Bly
HIST 10: History's Mysteries Walker
HIST 100: Introduction to Historical Skills Reed
HIST 102A: Culture and Language in Modern Greece, 1821-1909 Lagos
HIST 111: 2: Ancient Greece Lazaridis
HIST 111: Ancient Greece Reed
HIST 115: The Renaissance and Reformation in Europe Selwyn
HIST 116: Europe, 1648-1815, The Age of Revolution Selwyn
HIST 122A: 3: History of Women in Western Civilization, Renaissance-Present Seery-Murphy
HIST 133: Twentieth-Century World History Vann
HIST 135A: History Of Mexico To 1910 Fields
HIST 141: History Africa Since 1800 Gaston
HIST 142: History of Women in Africa Gaston
HIST 143A: Middle Eastern History to 1800 Atamaz-Topcu
HIST 143B: The Modern Middle East Atamaz-Topcu
HIST 143C: Ottoman State and Society Atamaz-Topcu
HIST 148A: 1: China: Antiquity to 1600 AD Whittaker
HIST 152: Young Republic, 1790-1840 Schneider
HIST 154: Twentieth Century US History, 1890-1940 Rose
HIST 15H: Major Problems in U.S. History Lindsay
HIST 166: Popular Culture Bly
HIST 167: History of American Women Slutsky
HIST 171A: 2: American Indian History to 1840
HIST 171A: American Indian History to 1840 Schneider
HIST 171B: American Indian History since 1840 Schneider
HIST 176: African Cultural Heritage in the Americas Bly
HIST 177: 2: The African-American Experience, 1603-Present Bly
HIST 17A: 2: United States History, 1607-1877 Schneider
HIST 17A: United States History, 1607-1877 Martinez
HIST 17B: 2: United States History, 1877-Present Palermo
HIST 17B: 3: United States History, 1877-Present Burke
HIST 17B: 4: United States History, 1877-Present Ettinger
HIST 191: 2: Seminar in Historical Interpretation and Analysis Burke
HIST 191: Seminar in Historical Interpretation and Analysis Selwyn
HIST 192A: Seminar in Recent Interpretations of United States History Luckett
HIST 192C: 2: Seminar in Recent Interpretations of Asian History Dym
HIST 192Z: Seminar in Recent Interpretations of a Special Topic Siegel
HIST 198: Summative Assessment for Teachers Burke
HIST 202: Interpreting US History Rose
HIST 203: Public History Principles and Techniques Lindsay
HIST 280A: Topics in African History Gaston
HIST 281Z: Reading Seminar: Topics in United States History Lindsay
HIST 400: The teaching of history in college Cohen
HIST 50: 5: World Civilizations, Beginnings-1600 Walker
HIST 500: Culminating Experience Lazaridis
HIST 6: Asian Civilizations Dym
HIST 7: History of African Civilizations Gaston
HLSC 112: Disease Prevention Brincko
HLSC 130: 2: Alcohol and Other Drugs Diaz
HLSC 130: Alcohol and Other Drugs Nozicka
HLSC 134: Understanding Human Sexuality Woodward
HLSC 136: School Health Education Sheffield
HLSC 147: Health Data Analysis Nave
HLSC 148: Epidemiology Diaz
HLSC 151: Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System Perez
HROB 101: 2: The Management of Contemporary Organizations Michael
HROB 101: 3: The Management of Contemporary Organizations Jeppeson
HROB 101: 9: The Management of Contemporary Organizations Shao
HROB 153: Employment Law Perkins
HRS 10: 2: Arts and Ideas of the West: Ancient to Medieval Doyno
HRS 11: Arts and Ideas of the West: Renaissance to Modern Shinbrot
HRS 113: The Culture of Classical Greece Nystrom
HRS 114: Culture of Classical Rome Brodd
HRS 119: 2: Classical Mythology Warnes
HRS 119: Classical Mythology Thoma
HRS 121: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Akiyama
HRS 131: 2: Medieval Culture
HRS 131: Medieval Culture Doyno
HRS 132: Renaissance Arnaud
HRS 148: African Arts and Cultures Ehrenreich
HRS 151: World Mythology Poxon
HRS 154: Food, Farming, and the Sacred Warnes
HRS 155: Spirit and Nature Jaoudi
HRS 161: Multicultural America Poxon
HRS 188: Fantasy and Romance Buckman
HRS 190B: Seminar in HRS: The Body Buckman
HRS 190D: Seminar in HRS: Death and Afterlife Brodd
HRS 195: Seminar in Humanities Brodd
HRS 290D: Seminar in HRS: Death and Afterlife Brodd
IBUS 190: 1: International Business Chinen
INTD 124A: American Design Sledge
INTD 15: Introduction to Interior Design Potts
INTD 153: Interior Design Studio I Sledge
INTD 196: Professional Preparation Roddy
IPE Book Club: IPE Book Club Stark
ITAL 104A: 2: Introduction to Italian Cinema I Silvestri
ITAL 104A: Introduction to Italian Cinema I Carle
JAPN 128: Introduction to Japanese Popular Culture Vassil
JOUR 120: History of the Media Ludwig
JOUR 130A: News Reporting I Ludwig
JOUR 153: Mass Media Law and Regulation Gardner
JOUR 55: Media Communication and Society Gale
KINS 151: Kinesiology Imamura
KINS 152S: Energy Production & Sports Performance Begue
KINS 158: Motor Learning Brown
KINS 99: 2: Exercise Healthy Living Hoyt
LIB 101 Test: LIB 101 Test Davis
MATH 1: Mathematical Reasoning Walker
MATH 130A: Functions of a Real Variable Cummings
MATH 26A: Calculus I for the Social and Life Sciences Cortez
MATH 26B: Calculus II for the Social and Life Sciences Cortez
MATH 30: Calculus I Cortez; Ghosh Hajra
MATH 31: Calculus II Cortez
MATH 32: Calculus III Cortez; Ghosh Hajra
MATH 35: Introduction to Linear Algebra Bradley
MBA 220: Financial Management Liu
ME 138: Concurrent Product and Process Design Suh
ME 157: Solar Energy Engineering Romani
ME 180: Mechanical Properties of Materials Homen
MGMT 102: 3: Business Communications Ozcelik
MGMT 102: 4: Business Communications Gardner
MGMT 102: 5: Business Communications Embree
MGMT 102: 7: Business Communications Fuller
MGMT 102: Business Communications Benfield
MGMT 21: First Year Seminar: Becoming an Educated Person Jeppeson
MIS 140: Business Telecommunications Ashtari
MKTG 101: 2: Principles Of Marketing Tong
MKTG 160: Principles of Quality Management Lojo
MKTG 190: Multinational Marketing Mikhailitchenko
MUSC 10B: 2: Survey of Music Literature II Wells
MUSC 10B: Survey of Music Literature II Thompson
MUSC 10C: Survey of Music Literature III Thompson
MUSC 110: Research in Music History Frankenbach
MUSC 18: Music Appreciation Elias
MUSC 184: Senior Seminar Fisher
NUFD 10: 3: Nutrition And Wellness Shilts
NUFD 113: Nutrition And Metabolism Buchan
NUFD 114: 2: Cultural and Social Aspects of Food Mulasi
NUFD 115: Nutrition: Pre-conception Through Childhood Braunstein; Dunn-Hall; Gazzaniga-Moloo
NUFD 118A: Medical Nutrition Therapy I Buchan
NUFD 119: Nutrition: Adolescence through Older Adulthood Gazzaniga-Moloo; Dunn-Hall; Braunstein
One Book: One Book
PHIL 117: Existentialism Warnes
PHIL 125: Philosophy of Science Mayes
PHIL 152: Recent Ethical Theory Park
PHIL 153: Philosophy Of Mind Ayala-Lopez
PHIL 192M: Topics in Philosophy of Mind Ayala-Lopez
PHIL 2: Ethics DiSilvestro
PHIL 6: Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge, World and Self Chung
PHIL 61: Inductive Logic I Vandergriff
PHOT 148: Artificial Light, Studio Shepard
PHOT 15: Survey of Photography Gregory
PHOT 175: Studio Topics in Photography Gregory
PHYS 10: Physics In Our World Miller
PHYS 107: Conceptual Physics and Scientific Inquiry Armstrong
PHYS 11A: General Physics: Mechanics Sergan
PHYS 11B: General Physics: Heat, Light, Sound Sergan
PHYS 11C: General Physics: Electricity and Magnetism Moss
PHYS 186: Musical Acoustics Barniol Duran
PHYS 187: Seeing the Light Ray
PHYS 5A: General Physics: Mechanics, Heat, Sound Sergan
PHYS 5B: General Physics: Light, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern Physics Sergan
POLS 1: 11: American Government Lapp
POLS 1: 3: Essentials of Government Shiu
POLS 1: 4: Essentials of Government Martin
POLS 1: 5: Essentials of Government Kirsch
POLS 1: 6: Essentials of Government Rosskopf
POLS 1: 7: Essentials of Government Higgins
POLS 1: 9: Essentials of Government Nalder
POLS 100: Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science Victor
POLS 112: 2: Current Political Thought Tutschka
POLS 113: American Political Thought Tutschka
POLS 119A: 2: Socialism Marxism-Communism Brown
POLS 119A: Socialism Marxism-Communism Tutschka
POLS 119D: Shaping of the Modern World Brown
POLS 127: International Law Rae
POLS 130: 2: International Politics Cannon
POLS 130: 3: International Politics Andersen-Rodgers
POLS 130: 4: International Politics Rae
POLS 130: International Politics Davies
POLS 131: International Organizations Rae; Shiu
POLS 136: 2: International Political Economy Lapp
POLS 136: International Political Economy Cannon
POLS 138: UN Simulation Shiu
POLS 139S: Topics in Human Security Andersen-Rodgers
POLS 140: 2: Comparative Politics Lapp
POLS 140: Comparative Politics Lee
POLS 145: 2: Government and Politics in Asia Lee
POLS 145: Government and Politics in Asia Rae
POLS 147: 1: Latin American Government and Politics Lapp
POLS 150: 3: American Governments Kirsch
POLS 150: American Governments Shiu
POLS 153: The American Presidency Kirsch
POLS 155: The Legislative Process Hussey
POLS 159D: Politics, Immigration, and Citizenship Victor
POLS 166: Gender Politics Lee
POLS 180: California State and Local Government Latino
POLS 193A: Senate Fellows Introductory Seminar Latino
POLS 293A: Senate Fellows Introductory Seminar Latino
POLS 293B: Senate Fellows Policy Seminar Latino
POLS 35: 2: World Politics Rae
POLS 35: 3: World Politics Razavi
POLS 35: World Politics Lee
PSYC 100: 2: Cross-cultural Psychology Dhindsa
PSYC 100: Cross-cultural Psychology Flicker
PSYC 102: Advanced Methods and Statistics in Psychological Research Qin
PSYC 103: Perception Strand
PSYC 107: 4: Controversial Issues in Psychology Gaffney
PSYC 110: 2: Cognitive Psychology Qin
PSYC 110: Cognitive Psychology Freed
PSYC 111: Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience Furtak
PSYC 120: 2: Psychological Testing Freed
PSYC 120: 3: Psychological Testing Gaffney
PSYC 120: 4: Psychological Testing Hurtz
PSYC 121: 6: Methods and Statistics in Psychological Research Freed
PSYC 121: Methods and Statistics in Psychological Research Cyrenne
PSYC 130: Personality Theories Patterson
PSYC 135: 2: Psychology of Multicultural Groups Dhindsa
PSYC 135: Psychology of Multicultural Groups Young
PSYC 137: Stress Management Roberto
PSYC 142: 2: Community Psychology Ellison
PSYC 145: Social Psychology Harrison
PSYC 148: 4: Child Psychology Knifsend
PSYC 149: Psychology of Adolescence Knifsend
PSYC 150: 3: Psychological Aspects of Aging Walsh
PSYC 150: Psychological Aspects of Aging Soares-Dabalos
PSYC 151: 3: Psychological Aspects of Death and Dying Walsh
PSYC 168: 2: Abnormal Psychology Patterson
PSYC 168: 3: Abnormal Psychology Flicker
PSYC 168: Abnormal Psychology Akutsu
PSYC 169: Industrial Psychology Hurtz
PSYC 171: 2: Applied Behavior Analysis Miguel
PSYC 184: Clinical Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis Penrod
PSYC 185: Psychology of Exceptional Children Heinicke
PSYC 2: 2: Introductory Psychology Harrison
PSYC 2: 3: Introductory Psychology Luoma
PSYC 2: Introductory Psychology Clifford
PSYC 202: Survey of Contemporary Statistical Methods in Psychological Research Qin
PSYC 281: Advanced Experimental Analysis of Behavior Miguel
PSYC 4: 3: Navigating Psychology Ellison
PSYC 4: Navigating Psychology Flicker
PSYC 8: 2: Methods of Psychology Tanaka
PSYC 9: 2: Introductory Statistics for Psychology Clifford
PSYC 9: Introductory Statistics for Psychology Furtak
PT 600: Pathokinesiology Escamilla
PT 608: PT/Patient/Professional Interactions Lazaro
PT 626: Clinical Agents Lazaro
PT 636: Geriatrics/Gerontology for Physical Therapists Lazaro
PT 663: Integumentary Care Macleod
PUBH 114: Human Ecology and Health Suleiman
PUBH 116: Public Health Administration and Policy Suleiman
PUBH 130: Alcohol and Other Drugs Nozicka
PUBH 153: Administration of Healthcare Organizations Priestley
Reference: Reference Zhou
RPTA 106: 2: Introduction to Inclusive Recreation and Recreation Therapy Jorgensen-Easterla
RPTA 106: Introduction to Inclusive Recreation and Recreation Therapy Luvaas
RPTA 116: 2: Recreation Therapy Principles and Practices and the Recreation Therapy Process Luvaas
RPTA 117: Recreation Therapy and Contemporary Aspects of Disability Brown-Bochicchio
RPTA 119: Inclusive Recreation Luvaas
RPTA 122: 2: Perspectives On Leisure Sheppard
RPTA 122: 3: Perspectives On Leisure Pichly III
RPTA 122: Perspectives On Leisure Martinez
RPTA 124: The Science of Nature Engagement and Human Health & Wellbeing Luvaas
RPTA 130: Community Sport Programming Bening Stadler
RPTA 137: Community Organization Jorgensen-Easterla
RPTA 196E: Introduction to Posttraumatic Growth Mikal-Flynn
RPTA 30: Recreation, Parks and Tourism in Contemporary Society Bening Stadler; Martinez
RPTA 32: Leadership and Group Development Bening Stadler
RPTA 42: Recreation and Parks: Natural, Cultural, and Heritage Resources Rolloff
SOC 1: 2: Principles of Sociology Varesio
SOC 1: Principles of Sociology Tello
SOC 101: Introduction to Statistics for Sociologists Fitzgerald
SOC 102: 2: Research Design and Analysis Berg
SOC 102: Research Design and Analysis Duckett
SOC 120: Ethnic and Race Relations Rodriguez
SOC 123: Black Studies in Sociology Yonemura
SOC 124: Social Justice in Interdisciplinary Perspective Carnero
SOC 125: Social Inequalities Pappas
SOC 150: 2: Social Psychology Durden
SOC 150: Social Psychology Ida
SOC 155: Criminology DoCarmo
SOC 156: 2: Delinquency DoCarmo
SOC 156: Delinquency Duckett
SOC 158: Sociology of Deviance Duckett
SOC 166: The Family Fitzgerald
SOC 168: Self and Society Durden
SOC 192: 2: Sociological Theory Pappas
SOC 192: Sociological Theory Luna
SOC 3: 2: Social Problems Varesio
SOC 3: Social Problems Tello
SOC 8: Sense and Nonsense in Social Issues and Research Varesio
SPAN 201C: Contrastive Grammatical Structures of Spanish and English Baranowski
STAT 1: 2: Introduction to Statistics Cortez
SWRK 102: 2: Crosscultural Theory and Practice: Issues of Race, Gender, and Class Roberts
SWRK 110: Statistics and Research for Social Workers Nam
SWRK 111: 2: Research Methods and Program Evaluation Nam
SWRK 111: Research Methods and Program Evaluation Dinis
SWRK 125A: 2: Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Theory Montgomery
SWRK 125A: Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Theory Williams
SWRK 125B: Human Behavior/Social Environment: Infancy through Adolescence Williams
SWRK 129: 2: Human Sexuality in Social Work Perspectives Jackson
SWRK 129: Human Sexuality in Social Work Perspectives Woodford
SWRK 134: Crimes without victims Stafford
SWRK 136: Poverty and Homelessness in America Curry
SWRK 140A: Social Work Practice Stafford
SWRK 150: 2: Welfare In America Stafford
SWRK 150: 3: Welfare In America Bowie
SWRK 150: 4: Welfare In America Evans
SWRK 150: Welfare in America Curry
SWRK 151: 2: Health Services and Systems Evans
SWRK 151: Health Services and Systems Stafford
SWRK 153: 2: Child Welfare Services Singh
SWRK 153: Child Welfare Services Bowie
SWRK 202: 2: Social Work and Diverse Populations Nylund
SWRK 202: 3: Social Work and Diverse Populations Woodford
SWRK 202: 4: Social Work and Diverse Populations Kenney
SWRK 202: Social Work and Diverse Populations Richmond-Moore
SWRK 204A: 2: Social Work Practice I Reed
SWRK 204A: Social Work Practice I Yuen
SWRK 204B: 2: Beginning Social Work Practice II Reed
SWRK 204B: Beginning Social Work Practice II Yuen
SWRK 208A: Multi-Level Practice for Health & Aging Reed
SWRK 208B: Multi-Level Practice for Health & Aging Reed
SWRK 223: 2: DSM New Developments in Psychodiagnosis Demetral
SWRK 226: Family Intervention: Contemporary Issues in Social Work Practice Christian; Reed; Furio
SWRK 235A: Theoretical Bases of Social Behavior Furio
SWRK 235B: Theoretical Bases of Social Behavior Furio
SWRK 245: Death, Grief, and Growth Reed
SWRK 250: Social Welfare Policy and Services Evans
SWRK 254: Advanced Policy for Health & Aging Evans
SWRK 261: Grant Writing and Resource Development Evans
SWRK 298A: Field Instruction for Health & Aging Reed
SWRK 501: 2: Advanced Research Methods Curry
SWRK 501: 3: Advanced Research Methods Furio
SWRK 501: Advanced Research Methods Reed
SWRK 502: 2: Integrative Capstone Project Furio
SWRK 502: Integrative Capstone Project Reed
SWRK 95: 2: Introduction to Social Work Jackson
SWRK 95: Introduction to Social Work Hill Hughes
THEA 131: Costume Design Minnihan
THEA 144: Women and Theatre: Staging Diversity Limon
THEA 155: Contemporary World Cinema Glamsch
THEA 16: Stagecraft
THEA 173: Contemporary Chicano/Latino Theatre: Themes and Performance 1965-Present Limon
THEA 174: Multicultural Perspectives in American Theatre Limon
THEA 20: Lighting Fireheart
THEA 9: Appreciation Of Acting Glamsch
User Services: User Services
WOMS 110: Introduction to the Women's Movement in Contemporary Society Moni
WOMS 115: Introduction to Women's Studies Castorena
WOMS 120: Mother/Woman/Person Hall
WOMS 136: Gender, Race, and Class Mukiibi
WOMS 144: Women and Theatre: Staging Diversity Limon
WOMS 146: Women in Art Hall
WOMS 50: Introduction to Gender & Sexuality Josephson
WOMS 75: Introduction to Disability Studies Jones
WOMS 85: Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies Moni

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