Course Reserves

Course Instructor
AA S 216: 2: Introduction to Asian American Literature Obayashi
AA S 332: 1: Japanese American Art and Literature Obayashi
AA S 510: Asian Americans in California Woo
AA S 512: Asian American Children's/Adolescent Literature Woo
AFRS 204: Black Creative Arts King
AMST 410: California Culture Sterba
ARTH 404: Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean Bronze Age Anderson
ASTR 115: Introduction to Astronomy McCarthy
BECA 428: Electronic Media Management Cha
BECA 502: Environmental Communication on Electronic Media Pulley
BIOL 328: Human Anatomy Nusse, Gloria
BIOL 350: Cell Biology Chan
BUS 300: 1: Business Communication for Professionals - GWAR Clark
BUS 690: Seminar in Business Policy and Strategic Management Harris-Payne
CHEM 380: 1: Chemistry Behind Environmental Pollution Komada
CINE 450: Fundamentals of Screenwriting Tiruchelvam
CLAR 550: Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean Bronze Age Anderson
COUN 110: 1, 3: Critically Thinking About Career Choice: Self, Community, Society, and the World Sneed
COUN 833: Social and Cultural Foundations in Counseling O'Shaughnessy
DES 356: 3: A History of Design and Technology Porter
DES 505: Senior Design Project Gomes
ENG 426: Second Language Acquisition Santos
ENG 620: 1: Introduction to Computational Linguistics Smirnova
ENG 826: Second Language Acquisition Santos
ENGR 461: Mechanical and Structural Vibrations Chen
ERTH 365: Extreme Weather in a Warming World Levey
GEOG 600: Environmental Problems and Solutions Blecha
HH 380: Holistic Health: Western Perspectives Peper
HH 450: Somatics: Body Awareness, Movement, and Well-being Shafarman
HIST 120: 4: History of the U.S. through Reconstruction Sheppard Wolf
HIST 300: Seminar in Historical Analysis - GWAR Katz
HIST 471: The U.S. Constitution since 1877 Englander
HIST 474: History of Labor in the United States Englander
HIST 790: 1: Seminar in American History Since 1877 (Topic: History of Race and Ethnicity in the 20th Century) Viator
HUM 450: California Culture Sterba
HUM 490: American Images: Photography and Literature Sterba
I R 310: U.S. Foreign Policy Fiene
ID 340: Human Dimensions in Housing and Interiors - GWAR Jaffe
KIN 250: Introduction to Kinesiology Mitchell
LS 401: International Development and Resource Justice Hennessy
LS 426: Thought and Image: Creative Arts Erickson
LTNS 210: Latina/Latino Health Care Perspectives Castillo
LTNS 410: 1: Seminar on Gender and Latinas/os Hernandez
LTNS 470: 1: Latina/o Immigration to the U.S. Carrillo
LTNS 660: 1: Latina/o Politics Carrillo
LTNS 670: Mexican Politics and Society Carrillo
MKTG 431: Principles of Marketing Strebel
MUS 233: 1, 2: Chromatic Analysis and Synthesis Kornfeld
RRS 250: Race, Ethnicity and Power in America Castillo
S W 410: 1: Human Development and the Social Services Suarez
S W 741: 2: Graduate Fieldwork Seminar Green
S W 741: 3: Graduate Fieldwork Seminar Vaughn
SOC 105: Sociological Perspectives Hendrie

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